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    I will be calling the doctor…

    Yesterday I had a major meltdown.

    On top of everything else going on, I caught a cold.  It’s one of the painful ones that feel like I have actually gargled with Drano.  I took some Dayquil and tried to go about the day like a normal person.  I swear, there is something in Dayquil that can actually make me hear things that don’t normally have sound.  I heard the tile on the floor say, “BLEACH ME!!!!”    At night I took the NyQuil and I had dreams that I had to remarry my ex-husband so he could get a better tax write-off.

    In between my days and nights of feeling like a walking zombie, I am still dealing with the addition of Shaun’s Ex and her baby boy.  It’s actually gotten easier as the little guy is comfortable around everyone and Tabitha has taken over the beating of the children.  It’s not that hard at all.  We both have our bad days though.  One day she was having a bad one and I totally thought it was my fault and I took it personally.  I always feel like if someone isn’t happy it’s MY fault.  I said or did something wrong.   The weird thing is, when I REALLY do something that makes someone mad, I am oblivious to it and I am SHOCKED when they tell me I did something wrong.   I am wired ALL wrong.

    Yesterday we went out to pick up a few things at Costco.  We then made our way over to Walmart (because they have WAY good popcorn Chicken) and I decided to pick up some stocking stuffers and a pair of pants.  I got to the register and NO VISA CARD.  I must have left it in the car.  Shaun ran out while I chatted with the lady behind the register about how cool the pants were because they stretched to fit my fat ass and you actually have to get a size smaller because they fit THAT well.

    When he came walking in, he had that “I couldn’t find it.” look.   I did the eyebrow raise and he did the shrug.  “It’s not in there.”
    I dig through my wallet again in hopes of it flying out at me and it didn’t.

    I give him all my cash and grab the car keys, “buy whatever, I’m going to the car.”
    I CAN’T FIND THE FUCKING CAR!  I am walking around clicking the unlock button hoping that I will find it and then it hits me, THE MELTDOWN.
    I get into the car after 5 minutes of walking all over the damn lot.  We drive back to Costco and find out they have my Visa card, but the supervisor that had it, went to lunch.

    On the way back to the car I could feel Shaun’s arm on my back trying to pull me closer to him and I felt myself walking towards on coming traffic.  The guy in the small bronco that I tried to walk into looked at me like I was crazy and I realized…I am.

    I’m calling the doctor so I can talk to someone.

    I’m thinking Shock Therapy might be the trick.

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    Still Alive…

    My mom use to always say, “When it rains, it pours.”  Boy, she was NOT kidding.

    I’m doing my best to stay afloat and be the strong person I have been told I am.

    Right before I woke up from one of the thousands of nightmares that haunt my dreams I heard my mom say, “Everything happens for a reason, Kristine. Why is this one happening?”

    Of course, in my dream we were all moving back to Shingletown to live in my dad’s single wide mobile home…and by ALL of us, I mean my sister, her husband, my mom, my family, and about every single person I know that needs help.

    Last weekend while Shaun was moving his ex’s stuff into a storage unit to get her out of that apartment he saw who he thought might have been one of the guys who attacked her the weekend before.  He drove around the corner and on the ground was an older asian lady who had just been attacked.    He got out and called 911 and made sure she was okay.  She wasn’t. She spent 2 days in ICU until the swelling went down and they were sure she would pull through.   The police called Shaun in to identify the guy right after it happened and so ONE of four guys that attacked his ex-wife is in jail.

    That was a week ago.
    It seems like the weeks are flying by, but then again dragging by.  I’m doing okay.  I’m going to be alright.

    The phrase keeps rolling through my head, “Everything happens for a reason, Kristine.”

    I wish my mommy was here…but I have NO idea where I would put her.

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    Broken Stuff Portrait Friday

    What’s up everyone, Shaun here.  It’s been a crazy CRAZY week at the Random and Odd household, so unfortunately there’s no crazy pics from Kristine this week….and you’ve got me hosting.  Kristine’s huddled in the corner of our closet in the fetal position, babbling something about her laptop being sent back to HP for repairs.  I don’t know, all the weeping made it hard to understand.  I’m temporarily adopting SPF, so hopefully you enjoyed an easy week this week. This is basically the grown-up version of me writing her an excuse note for this week.

    So, for those of you troopers who played, your categories were:

    1. Your Roof
    2. Your ‘hood (you can do sweatshirt, your neighborhood, your car…)
    3. Something you would not want to run into that is in your house.

    Did you play?  If not, I can write you a note.

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    my angel…

    Tree is up.

    Stockings are up.

    SOME presents under the tree.

    Home decorated.

    It’s getting there.

    Wish I could give you more, but I am physically and emotionally drained.

    Is this what people talk about when they say, ‘Holiday Depression’????


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    Christmas Wishes…

    Yes, things are crazy here.  I want some stuff though.

    1. I want to get my Christmas tree.
    2. I want to decorate my house.
    3. I want to put some presents under my tree.
    4. I want to drive around the crazy decorated houses and say, ‘oooh, ahhh! look at that one!!’.

    I want my mommy. I want my sister. I want someone to clean my car. I want the dog to stop barking. I want the rain to stop. I want a fairy god mother to come ask me what I want so I can say, “Clean my room!”. I want …

    Fugetabout it.  What do you want?

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    at what point do you say, “You’re fucking kidding me, right?”

    There is NO SPF this week, but we will make up for it NEXT week, m’kay?

    I know there really is NO way you can believe everything that happened today alone.

    1. The most important; Jeremiah kissed me. Yes, I got my first kiss and he reached for ME. My heart has been melted and I am thinking about having babies again.

    2. Tabitha is getting better. Her doctor helped her alot today…keep praying, she can feel the good vibes coming through. They found a bone spur from one of the numerous blows to her head, but it’s going to be alright.

    3. Dan has a date for his Christmas party. It happened to be with one of my best friends. She called me for advice on what to wear. He called to see if he could use my shower to get ready. *shrug*

    4. While at a photo shoot tonight, Tabitha made a nice romantic dinner for Shaun and I. The kids helped.

    It’s sad when the most romantic evening Shaun and I have had in months and months is one made by his ex-wife while my ex-husband was in the shower getting ready for a date with my friend.

    *shrug* really…you have to be asking yourself, ‘is this for fucking real?’

    As for SPF (for my broken pubis bone) FOR NEXT WEEK

    1. Your Roof
    2. Your ‘hood (you can do sweatshirt, your neighborhood, your car…)
    3. Something you would not want to run into that is in your house.

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    I hate UPDATE posts, but sometimes you gotta just let it go…

    Thank you all for your concern for Shaun’s ex. I let her know she has lots of people wishing her well.

    As for the questions:
    1. The three punks that pulled her from the car and beat her over the head in the face with guns were not caught. They insisted on ‘taking her ride’ and money…but neither idiot could drive a stick so they had to leave it.  The battery was removed so just in case they found someone to drive it, it still wouldn’t start.  We then picked up the car and it’s safely parked in front of my house.

    2. Jeremiah is Shaun’s ex-wives’ 9 month old baby.  He’s a mommas’ boy, but he’s getting use to Auntie Crazy (that’s me) and Uncle Buddy (Shaun).    He’s being an angel and I am happy that he’s having this much time with this brother (Tyler) and Sister (Marina)

    and there are other questions, but I can’t remember.

    Now for the lame story of how I crunched up my pelvis bone.  After looking at pictures of the human body (minus the porn music) and then at the bones in our body, I see that it was actually the “PUBIS” bone that I crunched.  The pubis bone sounds so much better than the ‘Clit Bone’ like I have using as a creative description.

    I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my friend, Ruka.  Since Shaun was staying home to hang out with his ex-wife, I got to wear my ‘big girl shoes’.  They are the big, clunky boot like shoes that make me about a foot taller than I already am (I’m 5’9″).  I got home pretty late and I knew that the baby and ex were asleep so I decided to maneuver through the house without any lights.  I walked  RIGHT into the solid corner of a table.  I saw stars. I lost my breath. I started silently weeping as I crawled down the hallway.  The next morning I checked my clit pubic bone and I have the cutest triangle shaped bruise right down there.
    “Go to the doctor!” Shaun, his ex and my friend ‘Cita keep saying.
    I would TOTALLY have done that except I woke up the next morning and there was blood.  I was going to have to give it an hour to see if it was from the accident or if it was because God has a fucked up sense of humor and was going to just add ONE more thing on my plate.   Come to find out, God is one wicked funny bastard.  I will NOT being seeing a doctor until God stops giggling at me.

    Yesterday was all about “Driving Miss Daisy” around to get to the DMV, the bank and get a new phone.  We spent the day together and I believe she was right when she said, “As fucked up as what happened to me, I am blessed enough to find out what a wonderful person you are because you came to the hospital, picked up my baby, put me in your bed, gave me medication and told me to rest.  You took care of me.  I see how you are with my kids on a whole new level and I am getting to know you for who you really are.”
    THANK GOD!  I am so happy for that.  I love it when people see me for who I really am and get me.  I’m not a bad person…I am human though.  We were able to joke with each other all day and it was nice spending the day with her and getting to know her too.  I admire her strength and patience she has.  I now know when she ‘freaks the fuck out’ it’s because she has been PUSHED to that point and she’s not just being a bitch to be a bitch.

    She’s also cleaning.  She’s using bleach. She killed the spiders and ants in my bathroom. SHE TOOK OUT MY TRASH!  If she keeps it up though, I might need to trade Shaun in for his ex.

    Dan came over last night to hang out with the kids.   Shaun’s ex loved that I could call my ex a dumb ass to his face and he would come back with something equally as insulting.  There isn’t a sitcom on TV that is more entertaining than my house this week.

    As you guessed it, my anxiety attacks are through the roof right now.  I’m thinking about putting the chunks of hair I am losing under my pillow to see if there is a hair fairy that will be able to leave me some xanax in exchange for the locks.

    I am trying to breatheeeeeeeeeeee in and out, but sometimes it seems like every second is just that…a second.  I’m not running on ‘minute by minute’, but second by second. Some are good and some are scary.

    Thank you all for the well wishes and wishful thinking that my accident was so much more exciting than what really happened. I love you all.

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    life changing…

    Shaun’s ex was robbed and assaulted at gunpoint at her apartment on Friday night. She was beat with the butt of the pistol on her head.  She’s still alive, but pretty bruised up and emotionally and physically in pain.

    Shaun and I picked her up from the ER on Saturday morning around 1 am and brought her back to our house and she’s staying here until she gets better and decides what to do.  We also have baby J here with us. Shaun is in all his glory with ‘little man’.  Our Flickr site will be filled with pictures  of him while he’s here.

    My posts will be short as I finally have gotten close enough to Jeremiah where I can cart him around on my hip while Shaun’s ex takes a shower and relaxes without him freaking out.

    I also think I crushed my pelvis bone…badly.  Go ahead and try to figure that one out, it’s always fun to see what your sick and twisted readers come up with.

  • Random and Odd

    Hey everyone. Shaun here. Kristine’s laptopless, and still a little disoriented. I still remember how to use these old-fashioned computer things that plug into the wall, so I have temporary SPF custody. Pray she regains laptopness before I choose next week’s SPF categories. Until then…….

    Something that makes you go ‘hmmmmmm’

    (insert your own joke here)…..yes, I make her go ‘hmmmm’ quite often AND I look like I’m saying ‘hmmmm’ in this picture. So its like a double point photo. I believe I was contemplating the exit strategy for the American forces in the Middle East when this picture was taken. OR I was watching Spongebob. One or the other.

    Something Sweet

    Halo fans, rejoice. We went out for dinner, and she got leftovers. No better way to eat steak than having it cut and thrown in the air to you. It got us strange looks at Sizzler, though, come to think of it. But Halo loves it. Oh, and its a bad-ass shot of flying steak and a jumping dog.

    Something Retro

    I like this photo. Marina took this of her Converse shoes, thought it looked retro. The price tag for these, however, was pure 2006.

    OK, that’s it. Hopefully a bunch of you played and had fun with pictures!! So, did you? Did you play? Huh? Did you?