• Random and Odd

    And are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell?

    i think i have all these lenses ;)

    I’ve been stalking a camera lens for over a year now. I keep telling myself, “When I get 800.00 bucks I am going to buy that lens!”
    Then I save up the money and I put in the travel fund and promise myself that when I make my last trip payment THEN i’ll buy that lens!
    It’s a ‘walk around lens’ which means it has range so I don’t have to carry multiple lenses. As it is now, I carry my 35mm and my 90mm. Both are 1.8 or 2.8 so I never have to worry about handing over quality and light. I just want something that has all the stuff my fixed lenses have with only needing one lens. It’s really asking for a lot with a cheap lens (the other 2 I have) to preform like a expensive one.
    I have to just stop promising myself that I will buy it and just do it. I keep thinking about selling my drone, but the minute I do I know I will all the sudden need a drone. $1000.00 for that damn thing, I am going to master it! it’s been 3 years, I think it’s finally time.
    So, stimulus checks got deposited and I bought a truck. It needs stuff, I’ll buy those things for my new truck. CRAP, i’m never getting that lens!