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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to actually write one of these ‘about me’s and actually sound articulate? Yeah, that’s not going to happen here. My writing is like having a conversation with me. Ask anyone that has had a conversation with me and knows me, what you read here is really how it happens.My spelling, punctuation and sentence structure is much like Coleman Barks; without the awards. Don’t judge me by my horribleness in these departments.

51   R A N D O M AND O D D THINGS A B O U T    me

1. i’m not like everyone else. i’m sure you figured that out already though.

2. i was told i am more open than most people about what i share. i’m ok with that.

3. i believe that everything needs to be fair. even. equal.

4. it’s usually my fault.

5. i’m too lazy to hold a grudge. i’m probably over ‘it’ quicker than most.

6. i gave birth to three little girls. not at the same time though.

7. i thought i couldn’t, but i tried…and i did it.

8. i drink root beer when i’m sad.

9. i’m a mommy’s girl…when i hurt myself i still say, ‘mommy!’

10. if i could go back in time and talk to the younger me i would tell her to make all the same mistakes, just sooner.

11. i’m a scuba-diver. i don’t like cold water scuba diving. i’m too poor to go to maui and do the kind of scuba diving i love.

12. i can sleep in my bra.

13. this is my favorite number.

14. i have seen every episode of Twilight Zone & Forensic Files.

15. i believe in god. i love church, but i hate the people that go to church on Sunday and then can be mean, evil and hypocritical all week long. i don’t want to be that person so i talk to god at home. sometimes he talks back.

16. one of these days i will be free. I am finally free!

17. my favorite football team is the raiders. i wear the kickers jersey. I don’t watch sports anymore.

18. my life, right now, is best summed up by a Dirty Dancing song; I’ve had the time of my life and i’ve never felt this way before!’

19. i can’t eat fish, it makes me sick.  I ate fish and didn’t have a reaction. I might be cured!

20. i have acute anxiety disorder. i have learned to control it for the most part, but it’s something i battle every single day.

21. i bite.

22. i only run when being chased.  I am a runner now.

23. i didn’t have a storybook childhood, but i don’t blame everything that happens in my life on the shit that happened when i lived in the red house.

24. i wanted to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader when i was little.

25. i don’t have a favorite color. if you gave me multiple choice i could pick a color for you though. Orange is my favorite color.

26. it took me into very late 30’s before I found out what it feels like to be loved by a wonderful man. I thought that was love, but it wasn’t. That was something very different. I did learn tolerance in those 5 years. I also learned that I will NEVER allow any man to treat me with disrespect and make me feel small minded and stupid.

27. my baby toe has the stupidest small nail you will ever see.

28.i will no longer life my life wondering, “what if?”. I need to remember to ‘Don’t think, just do!”

29. my cars have always had names.

30. i hate mean people. i really do. i mean HATE them with a passion. they annoy me to no end.

31. sky-diving is NOT on my list of things to do.  I skydive.

32. i want to be the right person, but i keep getting in the way of myself.

33. i’m single. I WAS single. I’m single.

34. i have ex boyfriends who live in: Texas, Utah, Washington & Canada. it’s so much easier to tell the girls that they moved, then that mommy got sick of hearing the sound of their voice.

35. martin luther king jr. wrote a letter that moved me more than anything else i have ever read.

36. i fell asleep at a grateful dead concert.

37. i tend to wash cell phones and should never leave them in my pockets. i am going to be the first in line to buy the first waterproof cell phone. update: it’s been many, many, many years since I have washed a phone. I am cured.

38. i am the youngest of 5 children.

39. i’m not a bitch. i always wanted to be one, but i’m not. i do have a low bullshit tolerance though.

40. $80 was spent in beer so i could win a game of pool. it was so worth it.

41. i am learning to fly, but i don’t have wings.

42. i always get what i want, even though it never works out the way i want it too.

43. i don’t drink more than a couple glasses of wine in month, but i make up for it with the amount of cigarettes i smoke. I quit.

44. i like little pieces of ice i can chew on.

45. in my next life i want to live in San Francisco in a small apartment and walk around and be a part of the city life.

46.  in 2011 i found my legs. i  hiked and trail ran a total of 388 miles. I also ran in 3 5k races and a turkey trot.

47. i am a professional photographer who has a side job (40 hrs a week) in an automotive repair shop and works for a really awesome man, learning amazing cool things and laughing every day.

48. my favorite movie for a long time was “Real Genius”.

49. i probably have more cameras than anyone you know.

50. al green is my favorite singer. i want to see him sing live before i die….or he dies.

51. i should always listen to my head and not my heart. that damn thing gets me in trouble every time!

  Contact Information:

I have a fancy email address that goes with this domain, but I never check it.email me at randomandodd at gmail dot com.