fermare…to stop.

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Whoa. This last month has been incredibly difficult to get through.

When I got back from L.A. from shooting this wedding I fell into this really dark place in my head.
Everything was to overwhelming and I just couldn’t function. I mean, I did function. That is something I have learned I do. Get up and keep going.  There wasn’t a single moment that I wasn’t silently chanting, “i can’t do this anymore. i can’t. it’s all just too much.”   The stress of everything finally caught up with me and it ripped me open and pulled me to this place I hadn’t visited in so very long.
Within days I knew I couldn’t do this alone and I reached out for help from my doctor who basically told me I needed to lose weight and get a grip on my emotions.  (just for the record, asshat…being overweight doesn’t instantly make people depressed.)  I did demand that he send me to a specialist and get blood work done.  This wasn’t my first rodeo with anxiety and depression.  Ugh. I hate that I have to use the word ‘depression’ because that isn’t a word I would ever associate with myself.  There are people in my life that fight that depression battle and what I was feeling doesn’t even come close to what they have to deal with.   This was just a short term thing…or so I kept telling myself.

The specialist couldn’t help me.  She was amazing though. FINALLY someone that might not have suffered what I was going through, but was sympathetic to where I was.  As we finishing up our eval she sat back in her chair and said, “That was the first time in all the years that I have felt like I actually was talking to someone that wasn’t just here to get drugs.”  It’s sad that she said that, but I know what kind of society we live in and for those of that need help can’t get it because of the abuse.   She spent the next 20 minutes trying to locate someone that could help me and wrote my doctor a letter.  Despite the letter, he refused to help.
I hate our health care system.

I’ve gotten back to hiking and during those times I seem to be able to get back to where I need to be.  I got the new Garmin Vivoactive. It’s alright. There are some strange quarks that I need to figure out before the next outing.
I have tiny little wrists and it’s taking some getting use to having it on all the time.

This weekend is Western States 100 mile endurance run. I’m volunteering again this year.  It will be weird not being at Foresthill, but I am glad I am getting the opportunity to get back out there and do this again!

I’m still working on my next installment of “SELF”.   I have been thinking about it a lot lately and more aware of when someone uses the word ‘self’ or when I say “My” or “Myself”.  It’s helping me through this place I am still in.


Cognosco…I recognize.

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I was on my way home from work one day and I had my Pandora set to a comedy station because Lord knows that I need a little comedy after some of the days I have there.

The skit started out like a self help workshop delivered in a high pitch emphatic tone and before I had a chance to change the channel, I heard something that resonated so deep in my soul I had to quickly pull over to find the name of the comedian.  Katt Williams.  I had never heard of him, but when he was talking about women saying “You messed up my self esteem…” and his response was “Bitch it’s called SELF ESTEEM! It’s the esteem of ya Mutha Fuckin Self Bitch… How did I fuck up how YOU feel about YOU?”   instead of laughing, it was an AH-HA moment for me.

It was then I started the dissecting of the words associated with the word SELF.

It was time to start analyzing and examining the words I put with SELF.   Self is ME and the person I am.  What words in the past had I used without any thought to ownership?

My esteem is what I feel about myself.  Be it a high or low esteem should be based on no one’s assessment of me…it’s not their esteem to assess. It’s mine. It’s my very own sense of worth.


I decided that I will start researching the word “SELF” and what it really means and begin listening to words that I put with it.
It was during a hike with a friend when she said something about “Self Hate” and I thought about those two words separate from each other.  Self…me.  Hate..the ugliest word in our vocabulary.  Why would I want to put those two words together?
Nearly every single day when I open up Facebook I read some inspirational quote about one thing or another.  “Be careful how you talk to yourself. You’re listening.”  I’m probably guilty of sharing this one at some point in the last 6 years.   This was the first time though that I really thought about it.

So this starts a series of writing about Point A (where I am) to Point B (the place I am on my way to)  and this journey to get me there. It starts with not assigning anyone with the ownership of my esteem.  It will journey through the extradition of blame that I had assigned to people in my past with the destruction. It will show me better ways to talk to myself and even more important how I LISTEN to myself.
Hopefully through this I will stop throwing around words that have no right being paired together.


Well that didn’t work…

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So I deactivated my FB, but my friend Tammy sent me a snapshot 72 hours after I deactivated and it’s still there.  She posted pictures of Alyx and I wanted to see them full screen.  I logged back in long enough to check my messages and leave a comment on the photos.  I deleted the App from my phone and no longer will get notifications.

I only have 2 to 3k more pictures to cull through. It’s such a process. I will be SO happy when they are done.  Today is going to be one of those days where i bring my laptop into work and cull through some of them during my lunch break.

It’s raining and cold.  It fits me today.

Lame Ass Easter

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I spent the day in my apartment cleaning and working on pictures.  My lunch and dinner where Ikea meatballs. Yes, I know it sounds pathetic, but I think it was exactly what I needed.
The fish tank is moved out and I am going to take it to Goodwill on my next day off, which according to the calendar is in October.  The boys are now in their separate non-noisy fish tanks and they are much happier.  Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially for two Betta fish.

Work was busy, I am trying to stay super busy during work so I don’t think about going outside and having a smoke. It’s such a hard habit to break. Get bored, go smoke.   Today I spent an hour listening to dirty jokes from a customer. The best part is that he looked like he was in pain telling me dirty jokes, but he just had to tell me.   I had to call him ten minutes after he left to get information on his car and he said, “Oh I was hoping you were calling to tell ME a joke.”  I love our customers.

Alyx is in Redding getting her senior portraits done. The sneak peeks are adorable.  Some will ask, “Why don’t you do them?”  I would rather pay someone money than take my own kids pictures…YES, we have come that far.  She acts totally different for other photographers, especially Tammy and I am grateful that someone else is doing them.  Tammy sent me the pictures to my phone because she knows i’m not on FB anymore.   Oh yeah, it’s going actually rather well not being online unless I am looking something up or writing here.  Well, and pintrest…cause those trailer pictures are not going to pin themselves.


Meh. I am ready to call it a day. It’s weird coming home and not having anyone to talk to or anything really to look forward to. Not knowing when someone is working and if you’re going to be waken up with kisses in the middle of the night when he gets home.   I will somewhere find a silver lining. Right now…I just really want a cig and an hour of candy crush….neither of which I can have.  I guess I will nap and then stay up until 1 am working on pictures.

I know, jealous of my life aren’t you?

Kristine un-plugged.

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I have been kicking around the idea of deactivating my Facebook for quite some time. I almost did it a year ago and I probably should have then.
I need a break from everything and everyone. Things have been feeling a bit overwhelming lately and it’s time for me to find my center.

I had to call my ex on Friday to get some information from him so I could fill out a passport application that ironically I won’t be needing any more. Could have told me THAT before I had to bite the bullet and make that call.  It was so weird to hear his voice on his voicemail. It’s been a lifetime, or at least it feels like it.   He called me back and I asked how he was doing and how the family was.  Neither one of us could remember our wedding date.  We were two people that shouldn’t have ever gotten married. The thing is, I KNEW IT before I did it too.  Idiot.  Anyway, I swear it sounded like I was interrupting his suicide.  I guess talking to me has that effect on exes.  I actually do hope he is happy. What happened, happened. Water under the bridge.

Things with me have been boiling under the surface. Anyone that really knows me saw this coming a long way off. Sad thing, most people don’t know me.   It was time for me to delete some phone numbers, delete facebook and head out to the dropzone.  It’s weird, right before a huge shift in my life I go there. Today was no different.  My life shifted and I came home to emptiness.   In typical Kristine fashion I rearranged the holes and filled them up with other things. I think that’s going to be a metaphor  for my life.  In a month or two I’ll find my footing and begin my phoenix like transformation into a new life that I am uncomfortable with and that scares the living shit out of me, but makes me stronger in the long run.

I had this odd conversation with Dan on the way to the DZ. We were talking about stupid shit like the cosmos and religion.  After we are gone, we are actually just poof. gone.  We are so tiny in this big galaxy of a million galaxies we can’t even see or fathom.  Then I was talking to Victoria and we were talking about death.  We both are in agreement that hopefully we don’t make it past 60.  Not going to lie, sounds good to me.  I’d only have 17 more years of this dumb ass bullshit.  Yes, I’d like to see my grandkids, but I honestly think that the stories my kids could tell them would surpass anything I could actually achieve.  Dan said he wanted to live forever.  I am ready whenever God, the cosmos, a semi truck want to take me.  No, i’m not suicidal, I am just seeing a side to old age that I am not too thrilled about and if it’s something I will put my kids through, 60 is a good jumping off pad.

With that being said, I won’t ever see anything outside of the United States so I better enjoy the places I can see around here. Find new places to find my center.

I deactivated Facebook. I guess it’s an act of congress to actually DELETE Facebook.  It will reactivate in 28 days automatically if I want it to or not. So odd.
So now I am on this weird version of my Spotify because once I deactivated FB, I have to make new sign in and none of my playlists are on there.  Probably good, I would have been tempted to listen to “This” soundtrack and get all sad and shit.  Instead I am listening to classical music now.  Don’t get me started on Candy crush. 28 days without it. I think I will live, but I can’t  play it because it won’t auto advance to my spot if I am not logged in.  28 days of staying unplugged and focusing on me, my writing, my photos.  Maybe I will do it.

My friend, Lisa said today it was time to take flight and I said I wasn’t ready, but soon.  She wants me to find a balance in my life and I do too.  I guess sometimes you don’t get to decide to take flight, sometimes you’re pushed into having to fly and today I was pushed.  Time to fly I guess.

Oh happy day….or something like that.

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It’s been a busy week.  In the middle of editing photos I had Shea’s prom I needed to get ready for.  Luckily her Dad stepped in on the day of and took her to get her hair and make up done.  She’s getting better at not being such a brat when it comes to stuff like this, but if you were to ask her sister, Alyx she would highly disagree.  I’ve found that just throwing money at the situation seems to do the trick on my end.
She looked beautiful. She is such a stunning young lady.   Her boyfriend, Jeremy was awesome too. He showed up on time and I got to get some of just him. They make an adorable couple and they compliment each other’s personalty.




This was one fun wedding, but OH SO EXHAUSTING.   This was an all day affair. Up in the morning to get the opening of the wedding gift all the way to the last round at the pub by the hotel they were staying at after the wedding was over.

So today is my birthday and this is the first time in forever that I honestly don’t give a shit.  I use to know someone that when their birthday would come around I would make a big deal out of it and they would say, “It’s just another day.” and I thought how sad and depressing that was because it’s not just another day, it’s the day you were born and that should be a special day.   I get it…it’s just another day this year.
I ‘hid’ my birthday on FB because I don’t want to deal with the people that are only coming by to say HBD because FB reminded them to.  Even I won’t leave a birthday wish on people’s page if we never talk.
So today is just another Tuesday in the books.

I am getting my  nails done and a massage tonight so that will be my celebration to myself.








just broken

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after a few days of trying to hold it together i am ready to just let it all go.

It’s not something we talk about because…it’s just not what we do.  Everyone thinks I ‘overshare’ or I am some extrovert but the truth is, I was raised in a family with alcoholics and we are fiercely private about our lives.  Living in a small town growing up you know not to open your mouth and tell anyone your secrets.

holding it together is getting a little bit harder ever single day though.

We don’t let people see our weaknesses either. We never ask for help because that usually just comes back to haunt us…which it has twice in the past week.  I ask for advice and that information gets spread to someone who has a huge fucking mouth and is now spreading MY family secrets to people that have no right knowing.  The other time I ask for help…to be held after something very traumatic and It gets turned around on me that I should have known what I was getting into.  Never again will I ask for help.  Never again will someone see me weak and scared.

i’m holding it together for my kids. for my brothers and sister who are fighting this battle along side of me. the difference…they have someone they can turn to and cry and tell their secret fears and know their secret is safe.   me though…i’m holding this one in all by myself.  NO ONE will see these tears.
with every phone call and update I hold it together.  In the quiet hours I have to myself I don’t let my mind wander to the past when things were alright and we all use to laugh and think about what the future has in store for us…but sometimes it does and It takes my breath away and I weep.


I’m holding it together.

Her gift…

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My friend, Jen had a new granddaughter last week and I was so eager to get photos for her.  I didn’t want to nag her, “Hurry…they are only this tiny for a short amount of time.”  so I waited.  I texted her on Friday to find out what was going on. Their new grand daughter had spent her 1 week birthday in the NICU. That is when she told me that she had a metabolic genetic condition and they would have to remove her from life support.  My heart was broken for Jen, her daughter and her new husband.  For months I had followed the journey of getting married and her pregnancy.  The absolute love and joy of watching her daughter go through all these beautiful things made me so happy to be her friend.  She’s the example of how much a mother should love her daughter.
On Sunday they called to see if I could capture some pictures for them.  Without hesitation I said yes.  Afterward I thought back to a foundation that provides this kind of service for the hospitals and I looked it up.  It would be hard to do this, but this was for a friend and I was the one they trusted to do this.  I could do this. I could be professional and hold it together. So I thought.
I was doing alright until I saw Jen’s husband.  This man played hockey with my exboyfriend so I know him from that part of his life.  He was always the guy with a smile and a hug.  Strong and sweet.  This day he was quiet and blank.  I wrapped my arms around him and my heart broke again.
We all know that the woman is the strong one in the relationship, but what makes her strong is that love of her husband.  I knew my day was going to be much harder than I had expected.

This was uncharted territory for me. I shoot weddings.  I see people on what they think is the best day of their lives. I chase crazy brides and i’m the time keeper.  I know where to be, where to stand, what direction to give.  My eye catches the tags in a dress, stray hairs and distracting back grounds. I capture the first moments of a life time together.  Today I was capturing the last.

I began getting shots of baby Clara as she was still on the breathing tubes and then waited until they removed all of them. I soon realized that this was going to be a candid photo shoot.  My time there would be spent capturing this time for them.

For two hours I watched the most beautiful show of support and love I have ever witnessed in my entire life.  Both parents surrounded by their parents.  The way people move and touch during a time of sadness is so profound.  People reach for a hand to hold and an shoulder to sink into.  Others reach out and touch. Small movements in the exact moments that they are needed.
I watched Jen’s husband gently reach out to support his wife as she had her head on her daughter’s shoulder.  Was it to comfort her or to give him support?  I don’t know, but I cried watching this happen over and over with 3 different husbands and wives.   I observed the way they could all just look at each other and speak without speaking.  They were all in different places of pain, yet they all could be strong for each other.  Even just writing this makes me cry.   Yes, it was horribly sad and yet the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. This little girl has no idea the world she changed in the small amount of time she was here.
She made a strong family stronger and they will set the world on fire with a foundation to bring awareness to this genetic disease so no other family has to go through this.

There was no question as to why I was with my ex for the time we were together.  After a break up most people will say, “WHY!!?? Why was this person in my life?!”  I am grateful for that time because it brought me to the exact moment I was on Sunday.  Without having known him, I wouldn’t have been where I was to provide the only gift I have in this world; photography.

I will keep you posted on the foundation as it starts its journey into this crazy world.

The last time I will remember what today is.

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Oh Timehop, you bittersweet bitch.
It feels like way more than 4 years ago now. It feels like a lifetime ago.

When you break up with someone you always hear the, “Oh you seem happier now.”  from friends.
Yeah. I am happier than I was at the end of the relationship when things had been going shitty for a solid year.  They didn’t remember the 3 years before that when things were pretty damn good.  To be honest, it got so bad I guess I didn’t remember it either…until Timehop reminded me of a tweet I wrote 4 years ago yesterday.

It actually took my breath away and made me upset and angry at the same time.  It still does.

So this is the answer to the statement, if you’re listening:  You don’t remember what happened?   I do. It wasn’t the final moments of the relationship that ended it. It was the year leading up to it.  It was when hockey and your friends became more important than everything else in your life…even more than being right. God knows you like being right and you’re not always right. In fact you were wrong so many times.   I get that you never really had friends before that weren’t connected to your wives and finally having friends felt really good.  You drank your way into being able to enjoy their company and you just kept on drinking until you passed out.
You stopped giving a shit what made anyone else happy.  You use to care.  You use to actually ASK what made me happy.  You sucked at just being able to figure it out on your own, but once you did…you were flawless.  You wanted to make me happy because you loved being with me when I was happy.  You use to bend over backwards and I never took that for granted.
Every morning. Every god damn morning you did this.  And then you stopped.  So when you ask yourself (and me) where it all went wrong it’s all right here.   It went wrong when you stopped giving a fuck about anyone else but yourself, when your happiness above all else was most important is when it went to shit.  You said, “I didn’t think I deserved your love.”  You were right, you didn’t.  There was a time you did feel like you did and you glowed in that love and you gave it back 100 fold.  We were unstoppable for awhile.  Then it went team US to your new team and no matter how much effort I put into trying to fit into the box you put me in…you weren’t happy with it. I couldn’t do anything right for Team Us.    You traded me in for a jersey and case of Sierra Nevada.

There’s this song on Taylor Swift’s album 1989 and the first line of the first song is, “People like you always want back the love they gave away…”   Of course, like all music people take it and make it a part of their life experiences.  That line pretty much embodies that 4 years.   He gave his love with reckless abandon for so long and then he spent the rest of the time taking it all back so when he did leave, there was nothing left.

“So take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories, I don’t need’em
And take your cap and leave my sweater
‘Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I’ll feel a whole lot better
But you’ll think of me” -Keith Urban ‘You’ll Think Of Me’.

Today is one year that I walked in on him in someone else’s arms. I think I can put down my baggage for a minute and be sad.

Monday again

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Is it just me or is the Mac keyboard just slightly to the right more than a Windows keyboard?
Every single time I got from one to the other, i’m on the wrong keys.

I know it’s time to put Black Betty to rest, but I feel bad about it so I keep her in my room and I use it for those, ‘can’t do this on the phone’ moments.  This morning I went to write my post and she is just lagging. In the time it took me to get up and get my Mac from the living room and set it up, Betty was still struggling to get going.  It’s time. I know it is.

I bought the Kuerig 2.0 yesterday and right before I went to bed I was watching hacks on how to use non 2.0 K cups on youtube.  No joke, I had dreams all night about making coffee. It totally felt like a waste of a night’s sleep and dream. I guess it could be worse.

On my way to work on Friday I had a lot on my mind and I get my best thinking done in the car.  I come up with all the answers and cures in my life in my car.  The things I need to say or need to write, but then I get to work and they are gone. I recorded my thought once and when I got home to write about it, the mood was gone and my passion for it was not there.  If I don’t write when I want to write, it won’t come out clear.   So if you see me on the side of the road on my computer…I’m working on solving my life’s problems.

Kara gets here next week!!! whooo hoooo!!!  I am so excited to see my princess doodle do!

Annnnnnnddddd, now I am off to work again.  Gahhhhh

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