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    Pretty sweet bruise there eh?
    That’s what I get for thinking that Victoria would go easy on me after all the running up hills I have made her do in the past few months.

    Lester takes Ben to the rink to skate on Friday nights and I decided once that I would go and see if I could skate. As it turns out, I couldn’t.  I have this built in thing in my brain that will not allow me to fall over. If you have been snow skiing with me, you would know this.  You would think it would be one of those really cool traits to have, but it isn’t because there are times when falling would be so much better than flying down a snow covered mountain at a high rate of speed and the only way to stop is to take out the guy running the snow lift at the bottom of bunny hill.
    It also makes things like skating really difficult because I looked like I was trying to take flight the whole time I was out there.   After about 15 minutes I gave up and took the skates off.

    I work in a hockey rink and I am there 4 days a week and I watch some very talented players skate and after the ice has been cleared I think about how fun it would be to have the whole rink to myself  so I could learn how to skate without having the fear of killing a small child that had the nerve to fall in front of me.  Last week I mentioned it to my boss and a co-worker that I didn’t even know how to skate and my wish.  They told me to grab a pair of skates and go out and have fun.  FEAR flooded me, but I did it and I didn’t fall.  In fact I think I did pretty good.  After work again I decided to try it out. I didn’t fall. Amazing.  My co-worker told me that they had some last year model skates on sale and I should get them.  I put them aside until I had the money to buy them.
    After my race on Sunday, Ben and Lester went out to get some of their stuff done and I took a well deserved nap.   They came home to tell me that my skates were purchased, sharpened and ready for me to have them formed to my feet.   Grateful doesn’t cover it, but this means I really need to take this serious and that might mean learning how to fall down.

    Last night Victoria and I agreed to take rink 2 (where no one would see me) after work and get in some practice time.  At the end of my game I see the Zamboni driver pulling out on to the ice. “NOOO!” I cry in desperation.  He tells me I will have to take rink 1 (surrounded by glass like a giant fishbowl).  I wait until the game ends and head over to put my skates on in the penalty box.  As I stood at the point of getting onto the ice, I let Victoria know that this was scarier than standing at the door of the airplane.
    One of my favorite refs stayed a little later to give me some pointers and I no longer had the propeller arms by the time he left.  We did a few line drills back and forth.  Getting to learn how to stop with both feet is my main goal and then I will work on the other stuff.
    After about 10 minutes I decided to see if I could hold a stick and hit a puck.  I went out into the cafe and said to one of my players, “These yours? Can I borrow them!?” I didn’t wait for an answer.
    This was when it started getting comical.
    I swung the stick at the puck thinking I was going to be launching it across the ice like a rocket.  I swung with all I had in me and the puck moved about a foot, but my whole body kept spinning.
    Alrighty then, this might be harder than it looks.

    About 5 minutes later, one of the better players on a team I score keep for came out.  He’s a nice kid and very talented.  We decided to see if we could get the puck away from him and that is when the fun part of the night started because I stopped  paying attention to the skating part and was able to just skate without over thinking so much.  Every time I would advance to steal the puck, he would pass it between my legs.  He tried to show me how to stop him from doing that, but I was always about 3 seconds to late.   Now it was time for me to guard the net.  Victoria advanced and since she knows the trick on how to get the puck up off the ice I got slammed right in the leg with the puck.  Wide eyed I looked up at her. “W T F?!”  She almost cried she felt so bad. I slapped her in the forehead and told her to not do that again.  She did it again, almost in the exact same spot.  Lesson learned, get away from the net when she is shooting.   Justin came up and I have watched skaters do this thing for hours and without thinking I start skating backward so I could steal the puck as he’s coming at me.  Except, I don’t know how to skate backwards.

    I don’t think anyone has ever been happier to hit the ice as I was at that moment!
    “I FELL DOWN! I FINALLY FELL DOWN!!”  Victoria jumped on me and threw ice at my head. “I did it, Victoria, I finally fell down.”  Then I did ice rink snow angels.
    She asked me if I wanted help getting up. “Nope. This is the moment I have been waiting for….learning how to get back up after I fall down.”

    It was an awesome night and I can’t wait to get out there and do it again.

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    Total highlight of my day!


    I picked up my packet today and I got to meet Kate. What a great hug in the middle of the day. As I was getting my shirt, My Friend Brad (MFB) came up and tapped me on the shoulder. OMG! I was so excited. I haven’t seen him in 11 years!  He looked good, but I am insisting that he needs to eat a few cheeseburgers!

    I went back and picked up Victoria’s packet for her and I asked the lady if I could see the 2xl shirts, I held it up to me and she crinkled her nose and shook her head. I said, “I know, too big, but it would be SOOO comfortable!” I shook it in front of me and nodded my head yes. She said, “Nooo. too big. You’re smaller than you think you are.”  She took the shirt from me and said, “Did you see that? we just had a little intervention right there.”
    Damn, it looked really comfy.

    SOOO excited doesn’t cover how I feel about this run.  I can’t believe how many Runs With Rusty Scissors team members we have coming to this one! I am bouncy kind of happy.  I haven’t seen Victoria in TWO WEEKS and I plan on running every single step with her and having her tell me all about her trip to the east coast.

    …and owls. I have a shirt with an owl on it. *happy dance*

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    Michael’s will be the death of me.
    Yesterday I went in to get bags for the projects that we are selling at the Getty Owl Run at our booth and I walked out with 14 canvases.   I did not need all 14, but they were on sale and I had the 22.00 dollars to spend on them.
    Now I am waiting for my prints to finish so I can work on them with the canvases.

    Now that the weather isn’t so damn cold I can spend time in my Stu-Stu-Studio and work on things. I was so bored the other night and I needed an outlet I made a box out of tissue paper.
    Yeah, it’s gotten bad.

    My mom was in the hospital. It freaked me out a lot.  I have never seen her in the hospital before and it wasn’t something I ever want to see again. She was a trooper about it though. I think she felt bad because I was so sick when I got there and had to be admitted so I could get the medicine I needed.  I never thought I would say this, but THANK GOD I have been through this before and I knew exactly what it was that they needed to give me from the start to feel better.

    OH. MY. GOD. The dog just farted! OMG! it’s so bad even he had to walk away.

    Anyway, my mom … she uh. Oh fuck. I have to go, that is the nastiest thing EVER.

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    Pappy and his new bestest friend

    On the 10th of February Lester became a Pappy!  I have very much enjoyed watching Lester’s excitement level through this whole process.   He couldn’t sleep when he got the call that his daughter in law was heading to the hospital.

    Yesterday he came home and for the first time and was wide awake while his Pappy held him and talked to him.  It was a pretty special moment and I was blessed to be able to capture the moment.

    Valentine’s day is tomorrow and I made it really easy on Lester this year.  I told him what I wanted.
    Last summer I decided to take up metal stamping. I have a few sets of lettering, but it was difficult to find the metal needed for the projects I wanted to make.  At the local art store they have plates of thin metal, but the cost was crazy for just a few small sheets of it.  I went to Home Depot and I found a sheet that was less expensive, but I couldn’t get the metal shaped the way I wanted it.  While meandering through the art store last week I found they had a disc cut out machine.
    “This is what I want!”  and he got it for me for Valentine’s day.
    Some women get jewelry for VD, I get stuff so I can make my own. SCORE.

    Now I just need to find something for him. What do you get a guy who already has the coolest thing ever, a newborn grandson!


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    This month has been so exciting so far!  On the first I went kayaking. On the second I went to a road trip with Lester.  On the third I went…well, I don’t KNOW exactly where I was, because we were somewhat lost, but it was so beautiful and I had on my trail running shoes.

    On our way back from our road trip we stopped to get pictures of the girls at their karate dinner to recognize all the hard work that they do.  Alyx was tested and passed for her second degree black belt.
    It’s so hard to believe they have been doing this for….YEARS AND YEARS.

    Best thing of February?  NINERS LOST THE SUPERBOWL.  I got home from an all day outing, hoping I had missed most of it, but I got back in time to catch the second half.  I spent most of the time uploading and editing the pictures and didn’t pay very much attention, but I did get that evil grin when THEY LOST THE SUPERBOWL!!!!


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    Holy Filet of Fuck!

    Kayaking in February. Life is good. REAL good.
    Kayaking in February. Life is good. REAL good.

    Last August Victoria and I took out the kayaks and went out for the day. I came home sunburned, sore and with battle wounds.
    She has been saying she wants to take them out again. “It’s raining outside…and colder than a witch’s tit. No.” I try to reason with her.
    “It will be fun!”

    Sure as shit, I will have that engraved on her tombstone!  “it will be fun!” will be the thing that lands our asses in jail too!

    Today I gave in to her pleas and we headed out for a couple hours. 
    SO.    MUCH.   BETTER.   
    It was cold, but it was quiet.  She said, “This feeling I get being out here must be like what you feel like when you’re trail running.”
    Okay, I get it now.  

    She’s leaving this summer for a month and a half so we planned to take the kayaks up to Tahoe before she goes.  I’m going to miss her dorky laugh and feverish rants on civilization of the past.  She sure has her opinions and she’s so passionate about them.  Sometimes I just shake my head and say, “chill. relax. it happened a hundred years ago.” to which she points out the direct relation to what is happening now.
    It might take her a little while, but she’ll realize I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. When I do get worked up about something, watch yourself…I will not let it go and it MUST mean something to me, so either get behind me on it or get out of my way.

    I’m gonna miss my buddy. Poor Birdie will now be stuck with me. :)