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    I’m Thankful…

    Today’s Horoscope
    You’ve been mulling something over lately — trying to make a decision without letting anyone know what’s going on. Take time alone to put the finishing touches on the announcement. Consider all your options, not just the one that seems most obvious. This is the kind of day when you’ll simply have to weigh all the alternatives and carefully choose the most sensible scheme, not the most unusual. This is not the time to do anything completely new and different. Allow for incongruities and frustrations since the stars are making things unclear. Don’t feel discouraged if you are unable to stick with your initial plans. Practice flexibility — select one plan and one plan only. With right action you’ll be freed from any confusion.

    Wow, pretty damn close today. I read a 14th century samuria poem the other day and it said,
    “I have no miracles: I make right-action my miracles.”
    it was the one line that jumped out at me and stuck with me for the rest of the day. I have been asking for help from God with things in my life right now. I expect because I am a good person that good will come to me. I believe because I am honest that people will always be honest with me. I believe if you treat people right, they will do the same…but it doesn’t work out that way. I know my blessings and I give thanks for them.
    Thank you Lord for my children. Thank you above all that they are healthy. Nothing else matters except that they are healthy and happy.
    Thank you for my family.
    Thank you for my sister who loves me more than I will ever know.
    Thank you for my mother who is my everything.
    Thank you for my true friends.
    Thank you for those wonderful people you have put into my life that support me and love me. Thank you for Lisa & [name removed per request] & Jessie. They are my rocks.
    Thank you for my Zachie who can always make me feel better by saying, “I love you baby girl.” I am thankful for Shaun. I might not be able to handle all that he is, but I love him.
    I am thankful for the Tree.I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. Those lessons help light the path in front of me.I am thankful for Hope. Without it, I wouldn’t be here. I know that miracles are not just going to happen for me. I do believe that if I keep doing right, I can still hold on to Hope.

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    Rumi Sunday

    A night full of talking that hurts, my worst held-back secrets. Everything has to do with loving and not loving. This night will pass. Then we have work to do. ~rumi

    Sometimes when things start to get weird in my life, I turn to my stones and Rumi. They understand me. This isn’t something I share with a lot of people because of the lack of understanding. I don’t need another reason for people to think that I’m weird. Anyway, i was looking for a poem from Essential Rumi this morning that describes what I am feeling, but I couldn’t find it. The poem has to do with really thinking about what you want before you ask for it. It talks about trying to do something and it always backfires and then the end of the poem he ends up really hurting himself and he says, “I should be watchful for what I wish for.”

    Elliot Richards : I wish that I were the most sensitive man in the world.
    The Devil : [Smiling] Okay, good…
    Elliot Richards : Oh, wait! I wish I were the most EMOTIONALLY sensitive man in the world. The Devil : Damn. I was hoping you wouldn’t catch that. I could’ve had a lot of fun with that one. ~Bedazzled

    I wrote a letter to god the other day. I remembered to not mention what I wanted. I have asked Him for so many things in my life, and he has given them to me. It always turns out freakish and not what I asked for, but then again…it was. I wanted someone that could help me grow as a person and he gave it to me. It was too muchI wanted someone that didn’t live in the clouds and he gave it to me…with strings.I asked for someone like me, who would love me for who I am and love the strange things that make me, Me. I asked for someone who had children and got along with the ex. I asked for someone to like my ex. I asked for someone that my kids would love and trust. Gave me that. I should be watchful of what I ask for.