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    Can you say, “Fucking Crazy”?

    I did something today that I never thought I would do, or get a chance to do.I almost threw up on the way home at three different stop lights. I almost hyperventilated 14 times in 30 minutes. I have been shaking for 3 solid hours. I’m not going to tell you how many times i’ve started to cry and had to stop myself because I feel like an idiot for crying. I’ve never done ANYTHING this fucking crazy. I just hope I don’t regret it. I don’t think I will. Look at that picture up there and tell me that isn’t perfect. maybe you need to click on the picture…

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    Name Changes….

    I was reading Ladybug’s blog today and she has decided, for protection purposes, to use alias on her blog. I love this idea, of course I am FAR too lazy to go and change all the names. I have a few names; my mom is ‘The Fonz’ and my sister is ‘mom’s second favorite’. I don’t do this to protect them because in all honesty, they could kick your ass if confronted. I do this because my mom likes to be reminded that she is the coolest person that ever was and my sister needs to be put in her place when it comes to the family pecking order. Just…

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    I left the house!

    . I went out this weekend. I know, pick your jaw up off the damn floor. I admit it, I had fun. I think 50% was the company (hi tina!) and the other 50% was the people I got to watch and take video and pictures of when they didn’t think I was. I’m a mean son of a bitch because this morning I was cracking up as I downloaded these pictures. Okay, let’s just get this out there: The women in Sacramento, California at a certain bar located outside CAN. NOT.DANCE.AT.ALL. Period. Women were dry humping everything in site: air, friends, OUTSIDE HEATERS! these women were all about the…

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    “Ugly…Double Ugly”

    Getting to know me (Part One): “What is your biggest fear?” Being a parent, my biggest fear is losing my children. That one is a given. That one is probably the reason my hair is falling out and I am a giant stress ball all the time. My second is losing my parents. It’s weird, when I write that, I lump my sister in with my mom and dad. I have three other siblings that I love very much and would be hurt beyond words if anything ever happened to them, but I would be LOST if something happened to Kathy. She’s my hero, my role model, my best friend…and…

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    Hidden Photos

    My sister- mom’s second favorite daughter, mentioned the other day the amount of pictures that my mother-The Fonz, has of us in various states of drunkenness. I thought, ‘how bad could the pictures be?’ and then she reminded me of a certain trip to Reno where my sister-mom’s second favorite daughter, but in this post only we will call her, THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL was kind enough to get me something to wash my pain medication down with; coke…with Jack Daniels. It was almost one of the best trips we ever had, except I don’t remember much of it. The only thing that I have to jog my memory…

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    Farkle Family -Kristine

    Farkle Family -Kristine Originally uploaded by randomandodd. It’s www.selfportraitday.com day!! I made it for the grand opening and I thought this would be the perfect picture for everyone that has never been to my site before! Welcome to Kristine’s RANDOM AND ODD BLOG! Okay, for all of you that know me, tell the new people visiting a little about me in the comments section. *you’ll be rewarded for nice things!

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    Who names a van Morrison?

    Say hello to our newest family member, Morrison. It was time to be all growed up and buy my very own first car. I had hoped my first car would have been something like Eleanor from “Gone in 60 Seconds”, but being the parent and step parent of 5 kids, I had to just bite the bullet and buy the van. This means I won’t be getting that Digital Rebel. This also means I won’t be eating until the end of time. But my kids won’t have to be split into two car everytime we want to go somewhere. Shaun named it Morrison. He kicked around the idea of Halen,…

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    Reversed Lyrics

    I started out looking for a picture of Crowley’s Castle. WHY? I don’t know. Anyway, Shaun and I found this website where they have the reversed lyrics to Stairway to Heaven…interesting, but who knows. The funniest thing was “Another one Bites the Dust” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” http://www3.telus.net/jefmil/stairwaybackwards.htm Go and listen. You’ll enjoy the laugh. Anyone know of any reversed lyrics?

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    My Peeps!

    I just love these things! I don’t like to eat them. I just like going into the store and seeing them there. It’s PEEPS SEASON! Sugary pink bunnies. The prettiest pink you ever see on a oddly shaped bunny abbitt. I bought two boxes because it’s the cutest thing hearing a house full of kids squeal, “PEEPS!” besides, I won the ‘Best Mommy on a Monday Night’ award when I pulled them out. Go ahead, it’s worth the sugar rush and come down later. Shaun and I were playing with Matty and Fuji the other night. I got a picture of him RIGHT as Matty’s flash went off. I know…