• Random and Odd

    8 miles on my 8th hikaversary!

    Spent a beautiful Sunday with my hiking group! Such inspirational women!

    I found out that each one also wants to walk the Camino de Santiago and Patrice is in the planning process for 2021. Kathy and I have put our hands in to join her.

    Found out some FANTASTIC news on Friday and I know that this year is going to be amazing!

    An inspiring year for sure!!

    Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

  • Random and Odd

    Leave It

    My best friend trained her dog to not touch something by telling her to “LEAVE IT!”.
    This dog was obsessed with toy squeakers and my BFF could leave a squeaker sitting in the middle of the floor and as long as she told her dog to “Leave It” that dog wouldn’t even look at it.
    Recently neighbor got two dogs and keeps them in the backyard. This made my dog lose his mind. He wants to play, but it comes across as just a bunch of barking and running back and forth along the fence line.  
    I started training him inside with the ‘Leave It” method.  Toys, treats or anything I knew he would go after. This old guy was a fast learner, but needed to be reminded a lot.  
    After a few months of training I decided to try him outside. As soon as I open that back door he would fly past the pool and go straight for the fence line and bark regardless if the neighbor dog was back there.  It took a lot of training, but as soon as he would make a run for it, I would tell him to Leave It. He looked at me like I was just mean for not allowing him that one thing loved so much. It was for his own good and my sanity.  Instead of laying in the sun, playing ball, going to the bathroom he would just obsessively bark at the fence.
    He still will investigate the fence and sometimes give a few barks, but for the most part he is doing much better…until last week.

    I was sitting in the backyard and I could hear the neighbor dog eating what sounded like the siding off the house.  My dog jumped up and ran for the fence. I was not in the mood to listen to him bark and I yelled, “LEEEEEAAAVVVEEEEE IT!” and he stopped in his tracks and turned around.  It was that easy. To avoid barking, jumping, obsessive behavior all I had to do was remind him to just leave it alone.
    I’ve been using that same method in my life.
    Recently I have been handed a lot of information about me that was coming from someone I trusted, loved and was certain wouldn’t pull her same drama again.  The things that were said were useless to anyone that knows me. They know my faults, they know my character, most of all they know my heart. They all just laughed it off.  Now, the things that were being said about me weren’t hurtful or even entirely inaccurate, just dressed up to make me look like I was evil. I’m a hell of alot of things, but evil isn’t one of them.

    It was easy to laugh with everyone about the stories they were told. It was even easier to get that sigh of relief because I don’t give a fuck.  All I had to do was just Leave It.
    I don’t have to listen to this person barking, obsessive drama over something that person created herself and that endless feeling of stress.  Next time something arises at work, in my personal life or just in a market that I normally would stand up and get angry about the injustice of…I can just say, “Leave It”.

    See, you can train this old dog new tricks.

  • Random and Odd

    2019 brings Joy

    Trouble sitting all cute and shit.

    What a bad ass year 2018 was! It was hard in some ways and was gentle in many others. We lost Jon’s dad and took in his dog, Patches (middle). We call this her retirement home, but she shows no signs of her age when she is keeping up with Duke and Oakley.

    This isn’t meant as a year in review, but more as a jumping off point to more.
    I’ve had some amazing food in the last few months. The best part is that I have been the one creating the dishes! Alyx and I talked about doing our once a month dish together. I think she’s going to get my sister on board.
    I made lasagna soup (sounds NOT good in any way) and it was so fucking good. It was one of those sneaky good dishes. It took maybe 30 minutes from start to finish to create. In the middle of eating it I had to call my sister (the greatest cook EVAAAA) and tell her how good it was and I was super proud of myself and in awe that I made something taste so good. We ended up on the phone for an hour and we were laughing together so hard we couldn’t speak and almost peed ourselves. My siblings are truly the best out there.
    This last year cleared out some of the rubbish and allowed me to cultivate better relationships and rekindle one that is bringing me such joy.
    This last month has been just a filling up my buckets with happiness, joy, blessings, positivity, creativeness, love and truth. I’ve been able to have meaningful conversations that leave me feeling … joyful. I think that might be my word for the year. I am joyful of all that I get to experience. I am joyful knowing that even though people speak such wicked evil things against me and others, I am unaffected. I am not marinating in anger and bitterness. I am not surprised. I choose to take the wonderful memories and keep those for myself and move on with only light and love. It’s been fantastic because now I get all the best that is left behind.

    This right here. THIS. RIGHT. HERE.

    I found this on Facebook at the beginning of the year and it hit me right in the perfect place. I’m planting positivity, building up of loved ones, listening, joy, happiness…i’m going to have a 2019 garden of goodness.
    Every morning on the way to work I am so happy because I get to spend the day at the best job with the most wonderfully supportive and loving people. Even when I am having a rough day and grumbly, I don’t want to bring that negativity with me because that’s not what I want to share with them. I think about my 2019 garden and what I need to plant to make sure my days aren’t rough. It’s been perfect for me and I don’t think I have felt this good in many years. I guess that’s why I am writing, because I want to keep this train of joy going this year. I’m happy and that’s such an amazing feeling that I want to share it. Here, I have got extra, you can have some of mine!

    So I updated my WP and it seems like they finally figured out how to make uploading easier and hopefully I am able to keep on sharing on a normal rate, instead of only once every few months.