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Happy Almost 2007, everyone.  Shaun here, wrapping up the last SPF of 2007.  Kristine is doing much better, which signals an end to me hosting for awhile.  I’m getting sick and am heavily medicated, so if I begin to drift or spell strangely, you’ll know why.  I’m the worst sick person in the world, just like to be left alone under the porch to die.  So, before the medicine causes me to pass out on the keyboard……

1. Something that you won’t have in your home in 2007

The Random and Odd look will change early in 2007.  It’s roots are showing, and in need of a makeover.

2. Something random and odd

Kristine has 25 episodes of Forensic Files saved on TiVo.  At this point, she could testify as a forensic expert in any murder case in the country.  This leads me to believe the picture in the first SPF category should have been of my body instead of the website header.  (gulp)  I love you, honey.  And no, I see no reason to sign these life insurance papers you’re leaving next to the computer.

3. 07…..pick seven of something. Or with the number 7. Whatever. Be creative.

Yup, this is us.  The seven usual residents of this house.  I had nothing entertaining or funny to take a photo of, and the meds are zapping the creative juices.

Kristine will be in to comment tomorrow, hope everyone who played did better than my sick ass did.

Did you play?


32 Responses to “”

  1. Teena Says:

    Hey! I’m first!!!

    Luv the frame! Very cute!

    I played :)

  2. kate Says:

    I am going to try and play!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the picture for 7 very nice!

  3. marianne Says:

    I played – not as creatively as your sick self, but it’s up, such as it is.

    Hope you’re feeling better real quick!

  4. Jenni Says:

    I played!

    Look forward to seeing your new look in 2007.

  5. Maria Says:

    Feel better, Shaun.

    Happy New Year to All!

  6. randomandodd Says:

    he’s snoring next to me. he’s like a lil boy when he’s sick

  7. Maria Says:

    When I’m sick, I just want to be left alone.

    Is he snoring?

  8. Shell Says:

    I love the frame too. I hate being sick. Stay over there…I don’t want any germs.

    I played if you can believe it.

  9. Lisa Says:

    Can’t wait to see the new look! Feel better soon, Shaun.

    I played!

  10. Connie Says:

    Can’t wait to see the new cover page. Your pics are good. I played too.

  11. Melanie Marie Says:

    I love those photos! They are great!

    Feel better!

  12. Kami Says:

    #2 cracks me up! I played!

  13. dashababy Says:

    Shaun, sick or not, I still think you’re funny. “Left under the porch to die…” Where do you come up with this stuff?
    I’m sorry you’re sick. Kevin had it, then me and now poor mom. Kevin still has a cough.
    And Kris, I’m glad you’re feeling better too. I “heard” you got the cookies. Sorry no molasses in there for you.

  14. southernfriedgirl Says:

    I love that frame.

    I played

  15. Jana Says:

    I love the pictures of the family!

    I played!

  16. Army of Mom Says:

    I thought you did fine right through the sickness. Here’s to hoping you feel better. I played, too.

  17. Tammy Says:

    What a GREAT photo!!

    Can’t wait to see the new look.

    I played.

  18. Carrie Says:

    I actually managed to play this week!

    So funny about all the Forensic shows. :) Love the picture of the 7 of ya’ll! Feel better soon Shaun! :)

  19. Catheroo Says:

    I love the 7 photo!
    Feel better soon, Shaun, and thanks for the assignment this week.
    I played!

  20. Pissy Says:

    Happy New Year R & O

  21. SuZan Says:

    Wow…great & photo. Didn’t get to play this time because we just got into town (and I forgot!).

    Anyway, we need your vote over at our place.


    Happy New Year!

  22. The Kept Woman Says:

    I love that collage frame. The shots are great and look natural.

    I played!

  23. Kelly Says:

    I hope you feel better Shaun! Great photos of the 7 of you! I voted for you guys over at Celebrating Women! (Don’t tell Kami – it was a coin toss between you two for me! LOL!) Happy New Year!

    I played!

    p.s. As long as your updating the website in January, think of me (wink wink, link link!) ;)

  24. the moody chick Says:

    A glass pickle ornament and Santa Bear and the 7 gay elves, you bet I played!!

  25. Kirsten Says:

    I LOVE your 7! So sweet.

    I hope you all are feeling better soon.

    I played.

  26. Steph Says:

    Love the 7 shot. Very cool ! I played this week….THANK GOODNESS FOR VACATIONS ! Feel better soon..both of you !

  27. Arlene Says:

    Silk Stalkings?? I had forgotten about that show!!!

    Well, I participated, so come take a gander :-)

  28. Janet Says:

    can’t wait to see the new look! I played :-)

  29. christie Says:

    One day I’ll play spf again….

  30. ladybugkip Says:

    i played!
    ok, so i put up a 66%-completed SPF 12/22
    and i made the cut-off for the SPF 12/29 by SEVEN minutes. damn. that coulda been my “seven” LOL
    i like my original *7* thing anyways…

    so anyone who wants to…stop on by!
    icky bruise-y toe pics and VERY cute ladybug christmas ornaments need some attention ;)

    Happy New Year, ya’ll!

  31. Aimee - FutureFoodTVStar Says:

    I’m sorry you are sick Shaun. I hope you get to feeling better soon. And glad to see that Kristine has found her way out of the closet. I love that picture frame.

    I actually played… My blog has been down and out for about a month and a half… no comments and I didn’t have the mental capacity to work on it.

    Happy New Year to a beautiful family.

    P.S. It wont let me change my log in information… the new blog is at TheStolenOlive

  32. Dawn Says:

    better late than never… right?