• damn dogs!

    The Other Family Member

    This is Mooshu Mooshu Monkey Dog. She’s a MINI toycup poodle. When I say MINI, I mean…She’s so small that we tend to forget to mention that we have a dog. I went to the pet store to see if this other little dog was in. All I saw was a bunch of hyperactive poodles in the cage. I don’t like poodles, but puppie-poodle is sort of cute. I went over there and they were all jumping around, fuzzy, pink tounged. I looked in the back and there in the corner was a little black fur ball that could fit in the palm of my hand. It looked like one…

  • Shaun

    40 reasons he loves me

    I was writing my top 40 things that happened in 2004 last night and Shaun came in and asked what I was doing. This is when I came up with the bright idea of what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted him to write the top 40 reasons why he loves me. He didn’t seem to thrilled about it and I didn’t think I would see it, but I came into work this morning and he had sent me the email. He said it was okay if I post it on my blog…so here you go. And this is why I love him, because he loves the…

  • Random and Odd

    40 things from 2004

    It is a writing challenge from one of the two lists I am on. I am to come up with 40 things that happened to me in 2004. It really seems like A SUPER LOT to think of, but I might actually get through this. I sold the Saturn. I bought the Camry. I lost my mind. I am slowly getting better. Shaun and his two kids moved in March 1st. I ended a very unhealthy friendship. I had to take my 7 year old to the hospital because she broke her arm. It broke my heart. I changed my political party. I organized all my pictures. all of them.…

  • shea

    When they were young – Shea

    I just can’t stop staring at this picture thinking, “When did it happen? When and HOW did she get past this stage in life?” Did I get enough kisses in? Was she hugged enough? Did I give her all the attention she needed? BECAUSE I CAN’T REMEMBER HER BEING THIS LITTLE! I remember Kara being that little. I sort of remember Alyx being this little, but Shea…she went from newborn to 6 years old in like ten minutes. She’s SIX! Holy crap. When i’m 42, my youngest child is going to be 16. My sweet little Baya, don’t grow up anymore. I want you to stay little forever.

  • alyx,  Random and Odd

    When they were Young – Alyx

    I went through some old picture CD’s from a million years ago. I am so happy that I took the time to back up my computer because these pictures would be lost in one of the 6 hard drives that I have crashed since 1998 (when I first hooked a modem up to my computer and started this crazy thing called, “Online”) I had no idea in 1999 when I was sitting in the back yard trying to get Alyx to stand there long enough to get a picture of her, that I would be sharing the story with anyone 5 years later. I was reminded today (dooce.com) how hard…

  • photography,  Random and Odd

    Weekend Randomness

    You know, it’s pretty bad when my camera follies are the most artistic ones on my blog. I was going for that effect when I took the picture. Okay, I lie. It’s the ‘ohh, look the camera has functions other than the ‘auto’ button, let me see what this one does. Oh cool, it makes me look like I forgot to take my Xanax and decided to take pictures!’ I need to see if I can pull out my old camera books and try to figure out what the hell an f/stop does. I use to know how to take pictures. I think ‘digital’ has made me lazy. Click, Shoot,…

  • alyx,  My Brats,  shea

    Overpowered by two little girls and a pink razor

    Today the 6 year old smacked into the only little girl in first grade with a titanium skull and she knocked out her front tooth. The other one is coming out within hours. They were baby teeth, but still, her tooth fell out of her head because she hit Emily-the-brick-wall. Since the other tooth is all wiggly, I wanted to feel it. The 7 year old, knowing her mother like she does, warns the 6 year old not to let me, that I will ‘yank it out with great force’. The 6 year old is now leery of letting me near her mouth. This, of course, leads into tickling. It’s…

  • My Brats,  Shaun

    He loves them…

    This is a picture of the most handsomest man in the whole world. This picture shows me why I love him so much. That smile. That smile because MY girls are crawling all over him and hugging him. That smile because they love him. That smile because he loves MY girls. He amazes me every single day. This picture is why I love him. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  • Random and Odd

    I’M A LINK!!

    Yes, I am a link. I have TWO official readers outside of my mom and sister. AND I’M A LINK NOW. Her name is Rebekah and you can find her at: http://thehouseofcards.typepad.com/ As soon as I figure out how to add links to my page…she’s TOP O’ THE LIST. I say that with my best Irish accent that I don’t have. She’s one of those insanely pretty women that you wouldn’t expect to be so cool. She relates to the joys and crazy moments of being a step parent. AND SHE ADDED ME TO HER LIST OF BLOGS! My online life is now finally validated. Someone now tell me how…

  • photography,  Random and Odd

    Shea the Elf

    Tonight was Shea’s Christmas play — The Polar Express. We got there early so Shea could get her make up on. It was PACKED. You would think that Hillary Duff was going to be playing an elf. CAMERAS FOR DAYS! The flash content in that gym was crazy! We all know I have a camera obsession. I know this, but I couldn’t find a ‘digital camera’ fix in any of my self help books. Tonight was hell for me. EVERY parent has a camera. I am looking at EVERY single camera within my view. 3.2 megapixel, 4.0 megapixel, Oh god-OLD digital camera, 5.1 megapixel, 35 mm, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Nikon…