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    Question for the Internet:

    I’m listening to Sheryl Crow (because I can’t find my Tracy Chapman CD) and she has that song, “Favorite Mistake”. It always makes me think about all my mistakes I’ve made. It’s hard to label one as my FAVORITE mistake. Do you have a favorite mistake?

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    Happy Fucking New Year…

    Well, it’s the last day of 2004. Thank GOD! I have been blog hopping the last couple of days. It seems like this year sucked for everyone. It did end in the horrible #4 so it was doomed from day one. I make no resolutions this year. I refuse to make myself more promises that I know I am going to break within 15 minutes of making them. I do plan on making some changes in my life though. They are not going to be easy changes, but I can’t live the way I have for another year. I don’t want to be sitting here writing about how unhappy I…

  • The Fonz

    My mother

    In my search for the wild 80’s hair picture (below) I found this picture of my mom. She’s so beautiful. How could you not fall in love with this woman and want to spend the rest of your life wanting to make her the happiest person alive? Just wanted to share.

  • Dashababy

    Freshman Year

    I blame this ALL on my sister. It was her responsibility to tell me how bad I looked. I told her she looked like big bird when she bought the yellow Rebocks. She should have told me my hair was too big, or at least cut it all off while I slept!

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    Be Merry.

    I’m getting old. I’m okay with this. It’s the part i’m not comfortable with is that I can relate to my sister and mom on a whole new level. I’m not comfortable with it because I now feel SO guilty for sweeping up the whole living room only to sweep the crap UNDER the couch, for half ass washing the dishes and then being pissed at my sister when she looked at me like I was fucking crazy for trying to put the dirty plate in the cupboard. For all the times I walked through the house and over trash and DIDN’T pick it up. For the times I told…

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    little hands

    I’m home all week while the girls are on Christmas vacation. It has given me a lot of time with the girls. Things I have found out while being home ALL day long. they argue. ALL THE TIME. Shea is a troublemaker. kara talks REALLY loud. they can play with Polly Pockets for hours. cartoons are not as cool as they use to be. kids eat every 30 minutes. when it is time to clean up: shea’s foot hurts, kara has to pee, and alyx has a tummy ache. I swear when the DayQuil kicks in, this house is going to be clean. Foot, pee and tummy, BE DAMNED!

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    Christmas—IS OVER.

    I was going to send this whole long post on how Christmas sucked this year. It did suck. The actual day sucked, but only because I was SOOOOOOOO sick. It would have been a really funny post because some crazy ass shit happened to me while I was drugged up on DayQuil, but I don’t even want to go there right now. Boils down to this: My girls had one of the best Christmases in a really long time. They got gifts from us, from dad, from Shaun’s family, from my family. They got to spend Christmas WITH family they haven’t seen in a really long time. Who cares that…

  • tyler


    the boy wants to play on Xbox live. I am on the computer. he has pulled out the only game he knows I am powerless to. DIG DUG. he knows within minutes I will be on the couch playing dig dug, screaming at the stupid things that will not blow up. what he has not factored in….if i’m on playstation, he can’t be on xbox. Mwhahahahhaha.

  • Shaun

    Shaun Says:

    This is a new part of my journal. It’s the “Shaun Says” part. I told him that I’ve had my journal since August and you could add up all my comments and it still wouldn’t be as many as the ONE day I post what he wrote. Shaun Says: lol……I was like a special guest star and your ratings went up for the day. Thats funny.

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    Picture Whore

    I love pictures. I love picture frames, I love photo albums. Shaun does too, so when he moved in we had 5 times TOO many of all those things. I’m sort of picky about picture frames. I like a certain look of the wood. I weight it to see if it’s heavy enough to withstand my punishment. I like the cool ceramic looking ones. I like metal ones, that are not scratched up. Now when Shaun moved in, I found a theme to his picture frames. It’s called the Dollar Tree theme. I swear to GOD, every single frame in his house was found at Dollar Tree. They were PLASTIC!…