• Random and Odd

    I’m not usually one for doing this, but…

    This year I am making actual resolutions.  Normally what happens is about 10 minutes before midnight I come up with something stupid that I have to do one year solid.
    A couple of examples was while at the old folks bar I use to hang out with, I decided that I would have to have a green olive every time I was there.  I hate green olives with a passion, so this would be hard to stick to.
    It was so hard when the bartenders there were my witness, so the moment I would walk into the place they would push an olive on a tooth pick for me and make me eat it before they would put my Captain and Coke together for me.
    Another year, Tyler and I decided at the last minute that we would go a whole year without listening to Fall Out Boys. It was more of a self preservation act because it was during the time that the girls were obsessed with them and we were going to either Thelma and Louise it off a cliff or beat them to death with their Ipods.

    This last year goes down as the worst year of my life.  I was stupid enough to keep saying, “How much worse can it get?” and Karma/God/Higher Spirit would then release a swarm of locust to invade my life or a rash that would take over my whole body.  I am still learning to veer away from ever asking that question.

    In this year, though…I have learned so very much about myself, my friends, my body and how much I can take before I bend so far I snap.   2008 was going to be the best year because I had convinced myself that it was.  The first half wasn’t so bad, but then again, It was THAT good either.  This last month has been like someone finally handed me a flash light and said, “Take a peek.”  and the dark corners of my life scared me.  There was also some other things I saw that brought back some wonderful feelings.  There use to be this one girl who had the world in her hands and was not afraid of it.  The last six months have scared me to death.

    This month is just a nice, gentle segue into my new life.   I may never be that girl who ran head first into any situation and never feared the outcome. I may never be able to stray to far from the life I have now because of the limitations my health has put on me, but damn it if I am not going to try.  Some people have said, “Die trying.” and I always thought that was a stupid thing to say…now I get it.   I’m going to fall in love with the new life I have ahead of me…or die trying.

    “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Andy Dufresne The Shawshank Redemption.

    For those for of you that are at peace. I hope 2009 leaves you with more of that.  For those of you ready to step off and take more than you think you can handle…grab my hand, I’m jumping with you.  For everyone of you, I hope 2009 is full of Hope and beauty.

    Kristine :)

  • Random and Odd

    this sums it up.

    This pretty much sums up our whole Christmas break. It was spent reading the Twilight Series.
    Dan brought the girls to see Twilight at the movies and Kara decided she needed to read the book.  She finished the book pretty fast, which is unlike her normal reading habits.  She became, shall we say, obsessed with it.
    When she finished reading it, she nudged it towards me and I was pretty dead set AGAINST reading it for the simple fact that she was obsessed with it and me not reading it would drive her absolutely, stark raving mad.

    She put the book on my bed and since I was bored I decided I would read the first chapter and then I could say, “I tried.”
    Damn it if I didn’t finish the book in 5 hours.  I knew she finished the second book that day and was going to give it to her friend at school so she could read it over break.  So, I crept into her room and fished it out of her book bag.  I finished the book shortly after she left for school.  Now I would have to wait for her to finish the 3rd book before I could start it.  Damn it.  I had remembered that I bought her the 3rd book, but it was a Christmas gift.  I ended up opening it up and letting her read it so I could get my hands on it.
    She finished it pretty fast and I started on it before we left for Redding.  It took me longer to read this one because I was stalling for Kara to make her way through the fourth book.
    Now I finished the last chapter today and since Kara wasn’t reading her book, I decided to pick it up and get a head start. MAJOR MISTAKE.  She is almost half way through it and I am close on her heels.  She came into my room and said, “Mom, can I have the book back.”
    I wanted to say, “If you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands!” (pardon the pun) but decided it was best if I let my daughter have her book back.  It’s a good thing she’s reading. Right?  So yeah.  Now I’m bored. WAITING to figure out what happens next.
    Unlike her mother, she has to sleep. :)

    I had no plans on reading the stupid books. Now I am wondering if I can scrounge up some money to go see the stupid movie.

    Oh, and for those of you that have read them. I’m Team Jacob.

  • Random and Odd

    You have officially seen it all now!

    Spending Christmas eve with my family was so beyond awesome.
    When I have a few minutes I will have to tell you stories about my crazy family, but right now…I’m getting ready for a photo shoot.

    As you can see, I dyed my hair brown.  Shaun doesn’t know what to think of it.  In fact, my whole family said NOTHING about it.  There was a new topic not to bring up at dinner.  Don’t talk about religion, politics OR Kristine’s hair color.
    12 years ago I dyed my hair magenta. It was so dark, but in the sunlight it was a purple color.  When I walked into the house, Dan looked at me said, “That better be a wig.”  It took awhile for that color to come out.  For a year, I saw purple every time I took a shower.
    This isn’t nearly as drastic, but for those around me…I can tell they are having a problem getting use to seeing me with it so dark.  They never say anything and probably won’t.  Polite people…gotta love em.
    In Shaun’s head though I can hear him screaming, “I HATE IT! I WANT THE BLOND BACK!”
    Ahhh, he’ll get use to it…and by that time, I will be ready for another new color! :)

    I also chose to add that I had smoke in my hand.  I’m hoping it’s one of those pictures that I will look at later in life and say, “Eww, I smoked. gross.”  Who knows, I might be that old lady with the voice box.

    I have today and tomorrow left of the last of the antibiotics.  YAY! for the ending of the horrible ringing in my ears! Whoo hooo!! I will never again take for granted the silence in my head. I thought there was noise always going on, but it’s not until you have tinnitus, that you realize how quiet things were BEFORE.  It’s one of the side effects of this pill. Reading all the other ones I COULD have had, I guess this isn’t SO bad.  I mean, other than the constant rave I have going on in there.

    I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas/holiday.  I did! :)

    So what did you get for Christmas??? Show me some pictures!!

  • Random and Odd

    He’s Perfect for me!

    It’s been awhile since I have been able to get my favorite part of Christmas, an ugly Christmas Tree!
    As mentioned on my blog, this year was sort of one of those ‘iffy years.
    We weren’t really even sure we would send out Christmas cards.
    Avoiding all the stores before Christmas, we snuck out around closing time to find a present for his office party. That’s when I saw they had Christmas trees for $9.99.
    Our normal Christmas tree usually cost between 40-60 bucks.
    My logical way of thinking was, “Since I hadn’t planed on getting a tree and since I’m spending so little to get a tree…it’s okay to get the tree I have been missing!”
    I asked the guy to give me the ugliest tree they had!
    The guy looked at me like I was nuts, which he had every right to. “We have these really nice ones over here.” He steered me towards the large Noble Fir trees.
    “No, I want the ugliest one. I want the tree that no one else will buy.”
    He laughed, but realized I was being serious. I would have to just show how dedicated I was, “Show me the tree that people have been making fun of and calling it the ‘Charlie Brown Tree.’ ”
    He turned around and by this one pillar was this 6 footer that was missing nearly half of it’s branches on one side.  The gaps between the branches were ridiculous.
    “That’s the one I want!  Now when my husband comes up he’s going to raise his eyebrows and convince me this is not a good idea.  Don’t let me cave in!”
    As soon as Shaun came over to look at the tree I had picked and saw the enthusiasm I had for the ugly tree, he shook his head.  I instantly told the guy, “Bad idea, show me a nice tree.”
    The guy would never make a good sponsor for an alcoholic, he let me cave in within second. “There is this big one right here!” he started cutting the twine off of it so he could show it’s magnificently perfect branches.
    I kept staring back at the ugly tree.  I envisioned him with my big ugly bulbs that Shaun hate with all my dorky ornaments on it.  It would have truly made an ugly sight!
    “Get the tree you want, Kristine.” Shaun said.
    “I WANT THE UGLY ONE!!” I told the guy to stop cutting and put my ugly tree in the back of the truck.

    With everything going on, we decided that we would have to decorate it this weekend. On Saturday I decided to do something I use to do all the time, years ago. I would ‘theme’ my tree.  This year, it was blue and silver.  Still my favorite was the year I had the tree done in plaids and reds, but this is pretty darn cute.

    So 20 bucks in decorations, 40 ornaments, 250 plain white lights,and 36 feet of garland…we have our tree that will end our 2008 year.

    My Great Ugly tree was a sport as he was layered with blues and silvers and he only once reminded me, ‘You know, those are sort of Dallas Cowboy colors.” and it only took threatening to not water him for him to never mention that little fact again.

    Internet, this is Leo…my perfectly imperfect Christmas tree!

  • Random and Odd

    Another Random and Odd Christmas!

    We neglected to decorate for Christmas.  I mean, I put out a new door mat and there is a undecorated tree waiting at the front door to come in from the cold, but it hasn’t been decorated.
    We decided last minute to send Christmas cards.  We got the smallest amount possible because money is tight and it was going to be a ro-sham-bo on who filled them out and sent them.  I lost.
    They finally got to their destinations today and I felt it was time to share with all my OTHER family (that’s you guys).

    By the way, you all rock!  I’ve gotten more Christmas cards from readers than from anyone else. I feel guilty I didn’t send any out to anyone but family, but next year, I promise I will not only get the Christmas cards done early, I will rub each one on my lucky left boob before I put it in the envelope!  Deal?

    Since I will be at the doctors all day tomorrow (spf) doing sonograms, mri’s and general probing the crotch and internal organs I won’t be able to play SPF.

    SPF: Your Christmas Cards; Your favorite card. For those of you that don’t celebrate the Holly Jolly Day: A plant
    (yes, I know I’m reaching…)
    And BTW; for those you that suck at keeping track of the days, TOMORROW is FRIDAY!

  • Random and Odd


    My doctor called me last night. He said, “Stay on the antibiotics. Then we can put you on some more antibiotics. When that is done, we can put you on suppressant antibiotics.”

    What part of, “I AM SICK OF BEING ON ANTIBIOTICS!” did he not understand last Friday?

    If this is the bad boy of all antibiotics and the E Coli isn’t ‘high grade’ as I was told earlier, then why do I need to stay on antibiotics after this round of the shit that will kill anthrax and small pox?  Shouldn’t that be enough? Isn’t SIX months of antibiotics enough to kill this stuff?

    When is this going to be over?

    In addition to the main problem…I should add the back ache I’ve had for about 2 weeks. They don’t normally last that long and within the last two days it’s come down to just a pinched nerve in my low-low back…but I have two of my toes numb on my right foot because of it.  So I decided to do a search on all my symptoms and this is what I found.
    The first response is seriously the funniest and I had to laugh:


  • Random and Odd


    I’m still so freaking excited I can go home for Christmas!
    I’ve been checking the forecast of the weather.. :::high pitch squeal::: CHANCES OF SNOW!

    Found out something; When you’re searching for ‘street webcams’ for the area on cal-trans websites, you might need to make sure that the town you’re going to, HAS STREETS.  And also, if you’re looking at 11:30 at night, the web cams will be black. Just so you know.

  • Random and Odd

    Chicken noodle soup.

    My mom, with her sensitive nose, use to refer to BO as, “Eww, that man smells like Chicken Noodle Soup!” so now whenever I make it, the image of my mother’s crinkled up nose at some nasty old man with bad, bad, bad, BO comes to mind.

    Kara called this morning and said she needed a ride to Target to take pictures for the yearbook.  I peeked out the window and saw that it was cold.  I put on my long sleeve sweater, jeans, uggs, and a big long sweater over that and a wool hat.  The rush to pick her up and the lollygagging around Target made me heat up quickly.   I realized I was actually sweating and I took off a layer of the clothing when I smelled it….chicken noodle soup.  “Oh God. I have become that stinky, old man in line!”
    It was about then when I ran into this nice couple looking at the same thing I was. They had obviously done something I am horrible at, ‘price compairing’.
    “It’s cheaper at Best Buy.” they told me.  I informed them I would have to go over there and pick it up.
    First I would run home and shower though.

    30 minutes later, no shower, but change of clothes and an absurd amount of perfume, I headed over to Best Buy.
    The odds of running into those people should be rare, but of course, they were there.
    “Hey, it’s you!”
    I was so embarrassed that I had completely changed my whole outfit and felt the need to explain. “I was so warm, I had to change.”  They looked at me like I was retard. Like, did they really care?

    The couple were so proud they had gone to Sears and found the gift for even less and Best Buy would price match.  So I had to stand in line with them with our gifts so we could get the same price.

    I prayed they wouldn’t get in their car and say something about the crazy amount of perfume I had on.  I would say, “Ahh, no big deal…I’ll never see those people again!”  but knowing my luck, I probably will.

    Christmas shopping…DONE.  Shower…NEXT.

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    Clusterfucked Royale

    I’ve mentioned before how much I hate Kaiser Health right?  With that said, I got back my test results. I have E Coli. The doctor sent me the test results and I don’t know why, but didn’t give a damn explaination with them. Just says, more than 100,000 col/ml of the long name.

    In order to figure if my body was going to break out in a flesh eating e coli nightmare or if I can go frolic in the fallen leaves, I had to call the doctor to get some explanation on what the hell all that stuff meant.

    I gotta whole lotta Nadda.

    With that said…I’m going to see my family for Christmas!  I’m so freaking excited! My sister had emailed me the other day saying that her son was going to have Christmas Eve dinner at his place. His place HAS SNOW!
    SNOW! that stuff I would cuss at as I had to walk to school in moon boots. The stuff that made me curse living in the mountains and swear once I moved away I would never, ever spend another day in the snow unless it involved a pair of a skis or hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps.
    Now I am digging out my boots and big-girl jacket and counting the days down before I get to leave to see my family.
    I’m COUNTING THE DAYS DOWN like a kid for Christmas!

    I would like to celebrate this moment in song and share it with you all, but Shaun said you all would stop coming here because all of your suspicions of me being a little on the crazy side would be confirmed.

    Family, Snow and my sister’s cranberry bread…life is good. Actually, it will be perfect!