Random and Odd

This reminded me of something funny…

When my mom went into the ER for a possible stroke and I had an interesting conversation with my sister.
She was telling me everything that had happened since early that morning. She told me stories of the crazy people in the ER and how mom looked like she was about to just snap.

“Poor mom, the first time the tranny did it, she didn’t get in the vein. Then the second tranny came in and she couldn’t get in. She’s going to be mad when she wakes up from all of this.  Poooor pooor mom. She had not ONE, but TWO trannies.”


“Two wha?”  I can’t even start to process an image in my head.

“Two trannies.”

“Trannies. Mom had two male trannie nurses?” The image is coming to me.

“TRAIN-EES. Like, training.”

I guess it’s a good thing when I think about the time we thought mom had a stroke, I have a thing I can look back on and laugh my ass off about.