Random and Odd

“Look Grandma, I’m on the BED!”

She is finally able to come into the bedroom without having to make eye contact with me and politely asking, “Uh, hey…I was thinking about moving all four of these feet over to the side of the bed. That would require me to use this fuzzy carpet thing. That cool?”

Halo, Satan’s very own herding dog, cruises on in like she has had carpet control since day one. She came over to the bed tonight and as I was watching some show on penguins I was petting her. She started talking to me and it must have been something VERY important because the paws came up on the bed.
“Halo, go lay down.”

She walks to the other side of the bed and hops right up.

Shaun’s eyes bugged out of his head and his eyebrows actually exploded.