Random and Odd

Switching Channels

I’m now bored with Code Blue and Trauma in the ER.  I have found a couple of new shows that I am now obsessed with.

Orangutan Island and Animal Precinct.  The first show is seriously the most adorable show out there. I’m not a big fan of Apes or Monkeys. When I was little my mom and I watched this scary movie late at night and it was about monkeys or apes that went on a killing rampage and it has marred me for life.
The second show is about Animal police officers that go in and rescue neglected or abused animals. I was hooked at the first show I watched. I’m not a big animal person. That is my mom and sister.  They spoil their dogs.  Me, not so much.

My name is Kristine, I am a reformed animal not lover.

It was time for Halo and I to become best friends.  She’s not abused or neglected, but I can honestly say I have screamed the words, “I HATE THAT DAMN DOG” at least 29 times in the last month.
She’s a super, SUPER, SUPPPPPPER smart dog. It’s almost creepy how smart this dog is.  Since we got her we taught her that shes not allowed on the carpet.  She has bended the rules to fit her needs, and we have let her get away with it.
Now, I say, “F the rules pooch, COME ON IN!”
She looks at me like I am on crack though. “Seriously? You want me to come in there? You know there is carpet separating you from me?”

We took a shower together and she now smells like ‘not wet dog’. I smell like ‘wet dog’.

I took a few hours of brushing out her fur. She loved every minute, except the part of her tail.  She’s picky about her tail.

We are now talking more. She likes it when I call her Stinky Lips.  I have noticed since I have become best friends with her, that all the other family members are treating her nicer too.

It’s going to be a good year.

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  • Sarah

    I’m a reformed animal not lover too. I still scream “I HATE THESE DOGS” at least once a day but I’m not fooling anybody. I would have never gotten a dog if she didn’t come with the boy I wanted but now she’s got me wrapped around her little paw. Then she had babies and I was conned into keeping one so now I have two house-wreckers.

  • The Q

    I don’t understand “animal non-lover” people….although I am married to one. Heh. I’m a complete and utter animal loving fool. It’s people that I’m not an avid lover of. Go figure.

    I’m glad everyone else is treating her better now too. You’re a trend (a GOOD trend) setter, my Friend :-)

  • Connie

    I love that picture. You got her looking like “huh, kind of puzzled, kind of smiling” look.
    I just put a picture of my dogs face on my blog. I could not get her to smile. She looks like she is giving me the evil eye.

  • ~Easy

    I am an unashamed animal lover. Our dog gets up on the couch with us when we watch TV, he sleeps with us at night, and at 100lbs sill thinks he’s a lap dog.

    How people with kids get by without a dog is beyond me. Do you realize how many cookie crumbs you have to vacuum if you don’t have a dog?

  • randomandodd

    thanks everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I am like one of those cranky ol’ grandmas that love OTHER people’s kids. I LOVE Jackie, my friend Cita’s Dog. I LOVE Riley, my beautiful friend Lisa’s dog. I LOVE Sophie and Dasha, my mom and sister’s dog. I LOVE Mooshu…now that she is under the care of my mother.

    I think I was raised to not get to attached to a dog because we lived a wee bit too close to the highway and far into the woods with coyote, bear and wolves.

    Halo, Satan’s former dog, is happy that I am talking to her with the dorky voice I talk to the kids in. She still knows her limits as far as crawling on the bed or the couches. She will, at first chance, jump the borders and crawl into bed with me one morning though. I just can see it.

    Shaun’s not too thrilled with the new ‘dog loving me’. I am spending too much time brushing Halo’s hair and avoiding ‘our’ time together…you know, when I paint his toe nails and brush his hair.

  • dashababy

    Awwww, I’m glad to hear Halo is getting to go in the livingroom. NO MORE SEGRAGATION! Ha. Love ya bitch.

  • Michelle

    Welcome Halo to the life of a spoiled dog. It is fantastic. My dog, just like Easy mentioned above get free reign of the house and since puppyhood has never absued it (we did have to ban her to the kitchen only when she was a puppy.

    No matter how much she can drive me to the brink – once I set myself aside and focus on her my blood pressure drops and I am overcome by sweetness!

  • traci

    HA! Good work Kristine! Your doggie is too cute! I married this guy who had 4 dogs at the time. Ugh! Well, I got attached don’tcha know. Three of the dogs were older and now gone. Dog #4 now lives with his mommy (the guy’s daughter) and so we had to get another dog. And then another dog and they had babies…lots of babies. I kept one. His name is Riley. He is a spoiled baby even though he’s not a baby anymore. He eats off husband’s fork and sleeps with us right at my knees every night and knows my chair is his chair and on and on it goes. He’s pretty little so he gets to eat on the counter too…’cause the big dogs bug him and I don’t like it when they do that! heehee…now I want another puppy. It’s a sickness, I’m tellin’ ya.

  • S

    Incredibly adorable dog! I love the picture!

    I’m an animal lover. I still live at home, but will inevitably be moving out some time within the next 8 months cause, you know, I don’t think my fiance’ wants to live with my folks once we’re married. Anyway, the point is, I informed my mother and father that since the dog is mine as they’ve told me countless times, plus the dog is seriously in love with my fiance’ (she hates the rest of us when he’s around), she’s coming with us. Now, instead of my parents saying “Well she’s your dog!” they whisper in her ear, “You don’t want to go with them, do you? No, you stay here with us.”