Random and Odd

Switching Channels

I’m now bored with Code Blue and Trauma in the ER.  I have found a couple of new shows that I am now obsessed with.

Orangutan Island and Animal Precinct.  The first show is seriously the most adorable show out there. I’m not a big fan of Apes or Monkeys. When I was little my mom and I watched this scary movie late at night and it was about monkeys or apes that went on a killing rampage and it has marred me for life.
The second show is about Animal police officers that go in and rescue neglected or abused animals. I was hooked at the first show I watched. I’m not a big animal person. That is my mom and sister.  They spoil their dogs.  Me, not so much.

My name is Kristine, I am a reformed animal not lover.

It was time for Halo and I to become best friends.  She’s not abused or neglected, but I can honestly say I have screamed the words, “I HATE THAT DAMN DOG” at least 29 times in the last month.
She’s a super, SUPER, SUPPPPPPER smart dog. It’s almost creepy how smart this dog is.  Since we got her we taught her that shes not allowed on the carpet.  She has bended the rules to fit her needs, and we have let her get away with it.
Now, I say, “F the rules pooch, COME ON IN!”
She looks at me like I am on crack though. “Seriously? You want me to come in there? You know there is carpet separating you from me?”

We took a shower together and she now smells like ‘not wet dog’. I smell like ‘wet dog’.

I took a few hours of brushing out her fur. She loved every minute, except the part of her tail.  She’s picky about her tail.

We are now talking more. She likes it when I call her Stinky Lips.  I have noticed since I have become best friends with her, that all the other family members are treating her nicer too.

It’s going to be a good year.