Random and Odd

Living on the ‘in betweens’…

On Wednesday, Kathy called me.
“I’m taking mom to the hospital.”


There is never a time in my life that I want to hear the words, “Mom” and “Stroke” in the same sentence.

I may or may not have drove over the speed limit to get to Redding.  I got there and she was snuggled in her bed and snoring like a bear…if bears snore, which I like to believe they do.

We snuggled in bed the whole next day.  I got about 4 minutes sleep in 2 days, which is 4 minutes more than my sister got…so I am TOTALLY not complaining.

I got home Friday afternoon to a sick husband and Marina’s birthday party that had 15 or something kids showing up. Thank GOD, Shaun’s ex and her daughter in law helped me out.  After 3 hours in the car by myself, had gotten a wee bit on the stupid side. I played car games with myself. I won.
I played, “name that tune” when I left Redding, but it wasn’t really too hard. If I just kept saying, “DOOBIE BROTHERS” I was getting about 7 out of 10 right.
I caught myself trying to cheat a few times at “Famous Names”.  I kept running out of names that started with H, so I started making up names or using high school classmates.

It was in those 3 hours that I realized that I would NEVER make it in any sort of meditation class.  Somewhere in the first 20 minutes of driving home I told myself, “Self, you should spend these next 3 hours thinking about important things in your life..things about you…things of…weird, I didn’t realize my blinker made that sound. I wonder if I turn it on the other direction it makes a different sound. nope. same sound. it’s cute though. blink. blink. blink.  Wait, what was I thinking about? IMPORTANT STUFF. Yes…let us think upon important things.”  and that lasted until I saw a Cal-Trans helmet laying on the side of the road and that got me to wondering what kind of injuries he had if his helmet is laying in the middle of the two freeways.  Chest tube. He totally had to get a chest tube.

In reality though, I did think about some important things.  Things like; I don’t ever want to hear my mom on Morphine ever again. I don’t want to get another call like that again. I don’t want my sister to have to do it alone if that call has to be made.

I think it was the stress of everything, but I’m sick now. Shaun is sick too.

My boobs…they are alright…no need to worry about them.