Seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago…

Guess what time of the year it is? Yes, it’s my sister’s birthday.

Last year I took a few days and a few pads of paper to come up with the perfect letter to my sister and there is NO way I could ever top it. Trust me, I reread it and I cried as hard as I did when I was typing it a year ago.

What I did find was the fantastic comments left by my readers…the same readers that you still see here today. The readers that stuck with me through just about everything.
The readers that not only welcomed me, but my Mom The Fonz and my sister. The same readers that I find on other blogs leaving the heartfelt comments, funny comments or a comment that just say, ‘me too’.

I know I go on and on about how lucky I am to have the readers/comments that I do. Today I read someone’s blog that had a person that left a comment that just sucked. It was mean, hurtful and wrong and it is a reminder of how lucky I am to have such a kick ass support system. You know me for the person you read me as. You over look my typos (except Nilbo ;) You give me another way to look at a situation. You let me believe that I’m right when you know i’m not. You send me private emails and tell me to pull my head out of my ass in the nicest way possible.

In addition for all that you do for me, you do for others. You have left my sister comments when she needed a comment.
You have been there to offer comfort to those that are hurting.

YOU. You are awesome.

*cough* as AWESOME as you all are, you have a SHORT attention span on Friday when you know you have to scroll through those links and look at other people’s ‘stuff’…so that is why I am asking you today, Stuff Portrait Eve, to go wish my beautiful, wonderful, understanding sister a Happy Birthday.
I love you, Kathy!

*sidenote: Kara’s doctor rescheduled her appointment. Angel Hickey will be removed on Thursday.

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  • Cheeky

    Happy Birthday Kathy! I had a drink for you on your birthday – guess I need to have one for your sis too! And after today (just getting back home and back to work) I am gonna need it!

  • janasayqua

    I will go send her some well wishes right now. Hope the kids are feeling better today. Because it’s not like you have anything to worry about or anything. (like, uh, aren’t you getting married or somethin?)

  • ScottyGee

    Happy Birthday! I’d spank you, but I fear Kristine would jump in there too and I’d have to get all amphibious and use both hands in some kind of twisted birthday spankfest. Hehehee.

    A man can dream!

    Happy Birthday.

  • dashababy

    LMAO! Scotty. Amphibious. Adorable. Oh God, that was good.
    Maria, I’m still looking for the perfect little bride and groom gnomes for Kris & Shauns’ wedding cake.

  • dashababy

    I just re-read the letter, that was perfect. A year had gone and I forgot how good a letter it was so, no need to write a new one every year, I’ll just read this one.
    I love you so very much, I know I don’t have to say it but I do anywayssssss.

  • dashababy

    Don’t do me like that! Tom Petty, who I saw in concert and was probably the best concert ever,,, wait, maybe Peter Frampton, or no maybe Journey… nevermind.
    You have stumped me with this new quote… the Eagles??

  • randomandodd

    oh, yeah…well…oops.

    I am SHOCKED that YOU of all people don’t get today’s lyrics. You sang this song to me… WITH flourish!

  • sheryl

    You are very lucky to have your sis. Even I love your sister and I have never met her. I’m grateful you have her in your life.

    And we’re lucky to have you, Kristine.

  • dashababy

    Thank you, Wayward Goddess! It was haunting me because I did know it but couldn’t place it. Hahaha, yes, I did sing it, just like The King.

  • Kara

    mom guess waht! im in the lab again, i am for the rest of week. im still pretty nervous, and i wish the stupid lady would let us in to get it done YESTERDAY!! ugg. well anyway im doin the homwork and you cant get mad at me cuz dad had my phone remember. the stupid battary. i hope i get a new on cuz this one is getting all scrached up and stuff. well happy birthdya. love you (Post back!!!)

  • Briana

    happy birthday!!!
    I’m not one of the usual readers.But happy birthday anyway! Hope you have a fabulous b-day!

  • Nilbo

    “overlook” is one word. Please make the correction.

    Your sister is a cutie patootie and deserves every one of the dozens and dozens of Happy Birthdays she’s had.

    Here’s to yet another, Kathy.

  • dashababy

    Oh teehee, “birthday wishes”, lol. Thanks Nilbo. Disregard previous comment to which I thought you were implying how ooooold I am even tho mom said it first.

  • Maria

    Kathy, you are the BEST sister ever.

    Oh, if you search for bride and groom gnomes on ebay, you will find some ;-)

  • Dr H.O. Potamus

    If it was me that left the nasty comment…ahhh..I was drunk and I apologize.

    dr H.o. Potamus

  • dashababy

    Hey Karebear, thank you for the happy birthday wishes.
    Tomorrow I’m getting a pedicure in the morning and then I have an appt. to see if I’m a candidate for Lasik eye surgery. That’s what old folks do on their birthdays, exciting huh? Then we’ll probably go out to dinner with Paul and Tanya.
    Love ya!
    Auntie Kathy