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I don’t normally do this…

I leave the American Idol break down to Cat. Anyone that has ever read her AI weekly updates know that you don’t even have to watch the show to be cracking up after reading her reviews. I normally leave horribly long comments (which as you all are witness to – I’m not very good at), but tonight…I must speak out.

Shaun is the best person to watch this show with. He cracks jokes the whole time and he always says that one of the contestants LOOKS like someone or something.

Bucky was pegged as a Llama after a couple of episodes.
Elliott, he said ‘looks like a goat, no really Kristine, LOOK at him…he is goat like.’

I have a few things that give me the creeps while watching the show and it’s Ace’s crazy eyebrows that look like a caterpillar about to crawl of his forehead is the number one thing.
(I also need for it to be said, my exboyfriend (God rest his dead body in my backyard) is actual FRIENDS with Ace, grew up with him, IS A FAN and I can’t say anything bad. One thing though…how did I NOT meet Ace when I was in LA? How come I was forced to meet the strange ferret guy?)

Anyway…off we go…
Tonight during the show I realized a few things:
1. How come Tom Cruise hasn’t attacked Paula Abdul for her use of anti-depressants? CLEARLY she is on SOMETHING…and if anyone knows what it is…hook a sista’ up..PLEASE!
2. I agree with Simon Scowl about everything. EVERYTHING. The man is a genius.
3. Chris yelled at us tonight and I am not happy about that. Not one bit at all.
Every week Bucky does this thing that my sister called, “Crouching Llama, Hidden Tiger”. He can’t dance so he crouches. a lot. Tonight he changed it up a little bit and did this strange paralyzed leg drag. Shaun named it the Electric Llama. I think we will see a huge dance movement in the country bars…it will be done by hundreds of drunk women.

Elliot (The Goat) did this bouncing thing. He can’t dance either…and that’s okay…he borrowed the Crouch and put a little spin on it.
Now we have “Bouncing Goat, Electric Llama”
I see a Saturday morning cartoon in our future.

For those of you that caught Mandesa’s version of Mercy Me’s “Shackles” and you have never heard that song before. The song…IS REALLY GOOD. Her version, no so good. Don’t judge the song based solely on that performance. And the jeans. Oh Lord those jeans. I love Mandesa, GOD KNOWS I DO…but if she promises to never wear jeans again, I swear to never wear the John Deere sweatshirt again. Okay? Promise?

For those of that watched for the first time this week because I so nicely reminded you that the show was on. SORRY. BAD WEEK. They would all be going home if I hadn’t voted for Chris once twice three times.
It’s not up yet, but it might be later…but go read Cat’s blog.
(She has a little crush on Ace…cut her a little slack…she likes scraggly haired-crazy eyed guys)

And if you’re bored, Check out Taylor Hicks…before the hair changed to white.

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  • ZuphChic

    Electric Llama…that is HILARIOUS but so true!

    I thought Mary Mary sang “Shackles”. But ironically, I bought the two older MercyMe CDs while in Ohio…

    So who do you think is going home this week?

  • Cheeky

    YES! Elliott is a goat!! That is it! Its been bugging me every week…..

    Last night was just bad bad bad. Even hunky Chris was off his game.

  • Coralie

    oh my god i had to stiffle my giggles or i’d wake up the kids an hour early. thanks for the early am laugh.

    bouncing goat, electric llama…hehehehehehehehe

  • LadyBug

    DAY-AM! Taylor Hicks was some kinda sexy!

    I missed AI last night. MISSED IT! Can you even freaking believe it?!? The VCR was set, tape rewound, but there’s this little button we have to push…IF WE DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON, THE VCR DON’T DO NUTTIN’! And…and…and Deputy Dad and I BOTH forgot to push the button.

    I’m so devastated. *sniff*

  • ScottyGee

    I only watch to see what funny bumpkin thing comes out of Pickler’s mouth next. Although, I think she is playing up her rednecked-ness a little to be cute and get votes. No one can be THAT stupid. She is cute as hell though.

    “I am a mink!”

  • Pissy Britches

    Ok..Madesa is from here..like a town that is 30 minutes away from me…and she is a big ole girl…she is beautiful but she sometimes picks the most god awful fucking clothes to wear. I love the girl but JEANS…give it up for some stretch pants please.

    I think Elliott is the best singer in the competition.
    I am tired of Ace…he can go be in Playgirl though..that would be cool.
    Chris is hot.
    I want Taylor to win.

    Just my opinion.

  • Karen

    Taylor was a hottie. WOW! I still think he’s cute – but I do LOVE me some facial hair.

    Yeah last night sucked. All of it. And if Pick Pickler croons out one more country song, I may just have to swear off AI forevah.

    Mandisa in the jeans? Not a good look.


  • dashababy

    Zuphchic, you’re right. Kris meant to say Mary Mary.

    And Taylor Hicks! What happened to make him go so gray?

    Eee-l-iii-ooo-t. Ever since Shaun penned him as “goatboy”, that’s all I see. Thanks for that.
    And I love Ace him dearly but how creepy was he last night with the whole scar thing and shaky hand at the end?? Was it because he knew he sucked so bad?? You do not put a jazzy R&B spin on Trains’ “Drops of Jupiter” It is a rock song, right?. OMG. I love him, I do but that was just gross.

  • randomandodd

    Aimee: He’s so cute, but I think the white hair fits his personality better. On the other hand, I wouldn’t kick the dark haired Taylor out of the bed for eating…crackers.

    Zuphchic: You’re right, it was Mary Mary that sang that song. I am not so good with my christian singers. I do love that song though.
    I never know who’s going home. Shaun’s usually the one who predicts that. Since they got rid of Chicken Little left, I don’t care.

    TuTu: Yeah, notice his UNDER hair is darker, but his top part is still white?

    Cheeky: Agreed. You still voted for Chris though right? CHEEKY!!??

    Coralie: Hee hee…thanks!

    Ladybug: Two words: TIVO!

    ScottyGee: “Looooooook! it’s a PICKLE!” she slays me!

    Pissy: Mandesa is from Sacramento too!

    Karen: HAHHAHAHA!! Me too!!!

    Nessa: What did the web page look like when it didn’t work?? How weird.

  • Mandy

    I always have a recap up…it’s never half as funny as Cat’s but I try! I will forever look at Elliot as a goat. His dancing made me laugh!

  • Lelo

    Llama and goat: I can’t look at them the same again. Actually, I don’t think I can look at the llama ONE MORE NIGHT ANYWAY. Dear lord, let him go.

    Yes, last night sucked BAD. Even Mandisa! Lovin’ me some Taylor, and still lovin’ me some Paris though. But I’m with Simon on the comment about Taylor’s style last night. So. Not. Him. Ace has fallen off my top list now as well.

    And then there’s the bucket of suds. What the hell?!?! So sad. So sad.

    Can I just say one more time: llama description. Killin me!!!!!! Hilarious!

  • Tammy

    Yea. A real bad week. I did like Taylor and Chris this week.

    I can so see Elliot in the Chronicals of Narnia. He looks a little like a garden gnome.

    I wish there was something they could do with Bucky’s grill.

    We so need to get Kami to watch this show.

  • randomandodd

    Do you think Wayne Palmer will help shed some light on this new terrorist threat? Hopefully Jack made it through that natural gas explosion. I’m just glad that Audrey wasn’t involved in the plot to set off the nerve gas.

    (there ya go, 24 Talk courtesy of Shaun…now watch AI so no one else has to try to follow this)