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Alyx had this field trip today where you have to dress in all 1800 clothes and bring your lunch in a bucket. I never realized how OCD my daughter was until yesterday, where she not only rode my last nerve, she SNAPPED it, tied it back together and did it again and again for 2 solid days.

Many of you know, Alyx is the angel of the house. BUT it has come to my attention that she might not be as angelic as I had once believed, but that is for another post. THIS post focuses on her ability to drive someone (me) nuts with her calm, adult like tones and annoying reminders.

“Mom. Mrs. Right needs you to email her about the trip. Mom. She also needs you to make sure you wrap everything in wax paper. Mom. I can’t wear tennis shoes, I must have boots. Mom. I can’t have a juice box because…”
“ALYX! have told me ALL of this three times already. CHILL OUT.”

Now at this point most children would either get angry or upset that mom just flipped out on them. My daugher looks me right in the face and continues to nag me in the most adult voice.

“Mrs. Right said that each parent should provide the child with a container to put lunch in. It can’t be paper. It must be tin. She also will not allow me to have water, I have to have lemonaide just like everyone else. Oh, since this is in Auburn and the mold spore count is high, I will need to take a Benedryl before I leave. *cough* I don’t like peanut butter. Mom. Please remember I don’t like Peanut butter. Shea can’t find her underwear. I told her if she put her underwear out the night before, she would be able to find it. Mrs. Right said you have to email her. Did you email her mom?”

I haven’t quite figured Alyx out yet. She’s like an adult caught in a 9 year old body. She is a total prude that always follows by the rules and doesn’t cause anyone trouble.
She’s normally pretty predictable…until her OCD kicks in.

One day when she wasn’t feeling good and was laying in my room she was staring out the sliding glass door from my bed. She started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she pointed out the window.
“I know honey, we have a ugly back yard.”
She then started to freak out. I tried to calm her down and figure out what was wrong. She sobbed, “The curtains are off centered.”
I guess I don’t understand how something so small would set her off, because she’s the messiest kid in the world. She just DOES NOT like things to be uneven.

Yesterday after school she came into my room as I was trying to locate the top of my bathroom counter and bedroom floor. I had turned on the TV and one of the shows I was Tivo’ing was on.
“Mom…what happened to CSI?” She asked.
“I watched them all.”
“Good, I was tired of watching the episode about the plushie and furry convention. That racoon creeped me out. What show is this?”

I know she wouldn’t know what it was and I probably shouldn’t have been so embarrassed, because…well, she is only 9 years old and wouldn’t know that I could be horribly teased for admiting to watching the show…but I still hummed and hawed about telling her.

“It’s uh…Charmed.”
No response.
“You could change it…I don’t…well, I don’t nnnnnneeeeeeeed to watch it. I don’t really know what’s going on anyway. I stopped watching it after the first season..and well, yeah.”

She watched the whole show and then told me that she wants me to save the episodes so she can watch them too. This surprises me. She’s more of a CSI, Law and Order, 60 Minutes type of child.

I had to tell her that one of the sisters had died. I didn’t know WHEN it happened because like I mentioned, I stopped watching after the first season.
“It’s the one that dressed up as a cowboy in the last episode.” I told her.

The one that got kicked off was Pru. ( shannon doherty) Pru is the kick ass demon killer.
Phoebe (Alyssa Malano) is the young fun one that gets in trouble all the time.
Piper (Holly Marie Comes) is the down to earth, reasonable one.

Alyx is just like Piper. She’s so level headed and diplomatic about everything.
After I told Alyx which one died, she was really bummed out.
“It’s okay least it wasn’t Piper.”
She then informed me that Piper is boring, she liked Pru the best because she went after the demons while the other ones just helped her.

My daughter, the quiet and shy one…she would be a demon slayer! Her special power would be the power to frustrate the demon into submission by talking to him an adult voice and nagging reminders into him until he exploded!

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  • kerrianne

    Alyx seems rather awesome. :) And I love the spelling of her name! Oddly enough, I actually just caught that scary blue racoon CSI last night. It was a re-run on Spike, I think. And yeah: yikes.

  • Cindy

    Has Alyx – or you – ever watch Monk on the USA network? Right now it’s season break, but it’s a good show. The main character, Mr. Monk has OCD characteristics – but they show them in ways that make you want to laugh but also feel compassion for him. It’s a good show – even though I don’t know how to describe it that well. I just know that I can relate to your description of how Alyx cried about the curtains being uneven – and how even though she cares about the evenness of the curtains, she can still be messy. That’s me too.

  • janasayqua

    Your Alyx is EXACTLY like my Alex. Demon slayers in disguise!

    She had a field trip today too, and my husband took her, and it was a barrage of questions! “Do you have your cell phone? Did you sign the permission slip?”

    That OCD can crop up in the strangest ways!

  • Lori

    Oh the plushie comment make me laugh out loud. It’s funny how one can be both messy (my bedroom floor and bathroom counter sound like yours) and have that type of OCD where you notice things are off-center, not straight, etc.

    Off tangent on the field trip thing – I freaking hate shit like that. I mean I get it, it gives them a unique learning experience, but it puts alot of the work on the parent and like I have time for that?

  • delaine

    Ok..Pru sacrified herself to the Source. That was the lame story for writing her off.

    Alyx sounds precious. Funny how that OCD kicks in. I agree with the field trip crap…who has time to do all that?

  • Andrea

    Oh. my. gosh. Now I know what my daughter will be like at 9. Mostly it’s the “Mom. Mom. Mom.” every other freakin’ second. “Mom. Mom? Mom. I wanna wear the pink shirt today because I look really cute in it and my teacher didn’t get to see me wear it last time. Mom? And the tights that go with it. What shoes should I wear with it? MOM!? I said what shoes? Mom? Do you think I should wear the tights that go with the pink shirt, or should I wear a different pair of tights. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom…” (ad nauseum, ad infinitum).

    No wonder she can’t get my attention. I got so used to hearing the word “mom” all the time, I never know when she REALLY needs an answer!

  • The Kept Woman

    Out of curiousity when is her birthday?

    I never believed in that astrological crap until I had my first daughter. She was a Scorpio which everyone blathered on and on about before I had her and I just kind of blew off.

    I mean to tell you after I looked up what characteristics Scorpios had…she was dead on…wild, but true. My second one is totally true to her signs characteristics too.

  • Stasia

    Gosh you’re an amazing mom. I can’t get over it. Your kids talk to you. Not just talk at you but to you.

    As for her OCD-ish quirks-could be she’s an artist. (Possibly an amazing photographer like her mama!) All my art teachers seem to understand my crazy messy work area but my need to have certain things just so, even, ordered, numbered or matched… they tell me it’s pretty typical for artists to be that way.

  • Michelle

    I am such a dork (with no kids) that when I read this “Alyx had this field trip today where you have to dress in all 1800 clothes” I thought you were saying she had to dress in 1-800 clothes and thought “what the heck” she has to dress like a call girl? Yikes I hope she does not read this! LOL Like I said I have no kids and I am a dork!

  • randomandodd

    Michelle, OMG! You crack me up!!

    Stastia, I just asked her today what she was going to be when she got older. She said, ‘I don’t know, but I want to be an artist.’ WEIRDNESS!

    Monkey, WHOOO HOOOO!!

  • notaclue

    Um, I first read 1800 clothes as 1800 pieces of clothes…., um, yeah. I DO have kids but I’m STILL a dork.

    Alyx does indeed sound like an artist. I am one (and STILL a dork) and have OCD and ADD. I kinda like those things about myself but it’ll be easier once the kids have all flown the nest and husband learns to SHUT THE FUCK UP about my messiness. I’m not a pig, just like to work on more than one thing at a time.

    Alyx sounds like someone I’d like as a friend.

    TKW…, have you checked out the Chinese horoscope for you and your family? I’ve found it eerily apt. Funny thing is, I married a Dog and two of my sons are Dogs (the cycle is, of course, 12 years, so that is what makes it unusual) and my other son is Tiger. I’m the Rat as in PACK RAT, lmfao!!!