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I’m taking a break from blogging for awhile.
I have hurt the feelings of someone I love very much and I have decided that if blogging anything that will hurt the feelings of anyone I care for then it’s time for me to rethink how I phrase certain words and pick and choose certain shared events.

If there is something I wrote about you in this blog that at any time offended you, I am sorry.

*Michael, if I called you the garbage man instead of a sanitation worker. I am sorry.
**Mom, if I called you the Fonz when you really thought you should have been likened to Jennifer Aniston. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry if my words have hurt anyone.

and that’s it for now.

*mom, you’re dreaming if you think I would ever liken you to Jennifer Aniston. And yes, my brother is a garbage man…a damn good one. He also sings Al Green really horribly, but I still love him.
**mom, you ARE the Fonz. and no, my mom and brother were not offended. My brother can’t read and my mother is sleeping with George Clooney. Sorry Dad. my sister has a dirty bathroom and I will soon have the pictures to prove it. all 6 of you that read my blog already know where to find the picture. just kidding. Metro, email me and I will forward you the picture. You need to know my sister isn’t as perfect as you think she is. ;)


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  1. church Says:

    That’s slightly pathetic. Reason: you would have hurt someone eventually, even if you did not mean it. So to say that you are going away for awhile is a cop out. Let them deal with their own feelings, don’t subjugate yourself to them. Even if they are family.

    My $0.02

  2. Random and Odd Says:

    Ironicly, I talk more shit about my family than anyone else, and they are okay with it. They didn’t get offended at all.
    My mom is going to cry when she read that I am taking a break.
    I went through my blog and removed certain parts of stories & names…but during the process of rereading EVERY SINGLE WORD I wrote, I found out how much blogging has helped me on this path. I have gotten SO much better with my anxiety, i’m much happier than I was before, and I have documented a lot of really neat things that have happened to me in the last few months.

    I did hurt someone’s feelings that I love very much and my ‘outside the computer’ life would NEVER be the same without this person.

    I need to learn how to word things differently and learn ‘boundries’ when it comes to telling stories that I thought were harmless.

    If you wanna read some awesome blogs, there is Shaun’s and my sisters and her crazy husband.
    I would suggest closet and metro (and of course dooce)and sissy chong…(awww, check my links list ;)

    I’ll be around lurking on your blogs for awhile.


  3. Mrs.Strizzay Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I Love what Church said. Right on… Just for ONE person you might of hurt,you are going to hurt alot more blogers friends out there that don’t get to read your blog everyday…I like being compared to the Fonz “Heyyyyyy” I’m Cool as you think I’m, I know and Love you and Know that you are a very, Loving person and there isn’t anything you can say about me that will hurt,I Love reading your Blogs and all your friends blogs to, its the Highlight of my day, So please rethink and come back to us….Love You… Mom “The Fonz” ….Wink…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Kristine

    I will miss you while you are gone. I hope you can work this out. Take a break, but don’t forget we will be here waiting.
    Tell Shaun to keep us up to date, okay?


  6. Pissy Britches Says:

    No..NO…No..You can’t leave! I won’t let you! You all inspire me everyday to write about my life and my feelings and it is has been so great for my inner therapy needing self. Please Please Please don’t leave!!!

  7. dashababy Says:

    i didnt send you that pic of my bathroom,,,, did i?? ok, i been hopped up on this dam cough medicine and cant remember things too clearly but im almost positive, i did not send you that pic. and you would not dare to post it because,,,i have the “leverage” photo. and my bathroom was only dirty that one time,, ever.

  8. shellibells Says:

    Don’t gooooooo!!!! The worse thing you could do is leave! I think you should blog about the hurt you’ve caused, leaving will not make it better. If you said it it was probably how you really felt and a loved one should respect you for speaking it , not be mad at you for it! please stay. We will miss you!! :-(

  9. Random and Odd Says:

    No Kath, I was just kidding about the picture.
    I’ll post again sometime. For now, i’m just going to do some blog hopping and comment on your blogs.

    Like I said though, I reread everything I wrote and deleted some posts and took out some names and in the process realized that I liked using my blog to get out the demons that were haunting me during my anxiety and depression. I also wrote some really cool things about some of my friends and my family. This is a super healthy outlet that I will use again soon. I just need to figure out how to do it without using certain words and certain circumstances.

    And for those of you that read about my mom, The Fonz, you’ll see she commented on my page.
    Maybe with a little bit of encouragement she’ll start her own blog.

    You think I’M funny, you should see where I get it from!

  10. Sissychong Says:

    Oh Man, I can feel the withdrawals starting already. I’ll miss reading you everyday, maybe mom could do some guest spots for you? Come back soon, don’t know if I can survive.

  11. Closet Metro Says:

    Don’t give up.

    P.S. do you really think I want to see photographic evidence of a dirty bathroom? I can just wander down the hall to see that.

  12. dashababy Says:

    you better just be kidding. dont penalize the the truly bored by not blogging. we didnt do nutten. what am i gonna do with those 2 extra minutes it takes me to read you? there will be such a void. dont make resort to blackmail. i have that one pic of you that i could post which is not as bad as that one you have of me. i would risk it. naw, i wouldnt. but all kidding aside, you didnt say anything that was meant to be hurtful and if someone cant see that then,,,, they really dont know you as well as you think or they think,,,something like that. i love you, keep that lovely dimpled chin up. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  13. Army of Mom Says:

    Funny, I had a similar blog entry recently in which I proclaimed I was going to quit. I eventually re-thought it. I did it because a few troll-readers were telling me what an awful parent I am for returning back to work and putting my kids in daycare. I was so hurt that I was going to quit blogging, but I decided not to and just rethought how I might change the way I blog a bit. But, I, like you, feel it is very therapeutic. Keep blogging if it makes you feel better and just alter what you put about others on there … my two cents, too.

  14. part-timer Says:

    Bummer. Come back soon.

  15. Will Says:

    I have on occasion hurt people feelings and it sucks. Of course he was a fat obnoxious pig so apparently the truth is bad sometimes. Still, come back soon OK.

  16. Girl From Ipanema Says:

    Where you going lady??? :( It’s YOUR blog, you should say what you want to say when you want to say it! It’s *your* way of expressing yourself…it’s *your* journal..we’re just reading it :)

    I know what you mean, though. I’m so tempted to start a new one, completely different and completely anonymous…

    *missing you already* :(

  17. ScottyGee Says:

    Don’t go. You can’t take the blame for someone being overly sensitive. If you write, it is inevitable that you will offend at least one person. You can’t stop doing what you do. You also should not go back and edit your posts. You wrote those things for a reason. To whitewash what you have written is a cop out to yourself. Be true to yourself and keep on blogging. It’s your site and your space to write whatever you want. Keep it up woman. I think you have done a great job so far. Come back soon or don’t go at all.

    I hope this all works out.

  18. KC Says:

    Kristine! Don’t Go! I just started reading you. How can you give me a little taste of the goods and then take them away??? justlikethat????

  19. butterstar Says:

    oh, I hope you’re back for good! I only just added you to my links list! :)

  20. jon Says:

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