At My Desk

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I’m trying to find something to do to make me look busy. I can’t find anything so I made a list of what you would find on my desk…if you worked with me.

2 framed pictures, one of Shaun and the girls & the other is of Alyx in the leaves.
2 loose pictures, one of Kara & one of all the kids on the first day of school.
1 empty candy bowl.
1 empty Starbucks cup.
1 empty coffee cup with fishes on it.
1 full water bottle.
3 post it notes with email address on it.
1 fortune cookie insert that says, “You have the makings of a leader, not a follower.”
post it note with the password to our drives.
my cell phone
tape I used to hang the 2 loose pictures with
file organizer with random reports.
calendar I highlighted every other week because it looks pretty.
green highlighter, one blue pen.
and me.

What would I find at your desk?

7 Responses to “At My Desk”

  1. Pissy Britches Says:

    Oh god..are you sure you want to know.
    I don’t think you do. Way too much shit.

    7 pictures of McKenna in various goofy frames
    1 picture of the evil step children at my sis-in-law recent wedding
    1 picture of me and husband
    1 purple radio
    2 calculators
    A box of Mickey Mouse Kleenex
    1 basket with daily vitamins, headache medicine & a half eaten pack of cheese crackers
    Another basket with 3 bottles of nail polish, nail polish remover, 2 nail files and a sanding block (shh, don’t tell my boss)
    A salt shaker
    A lamp
    A fan
    Too many ink pens and notepads
    A purple dry erase board with my Sales for the month posted on it so all can see and humiliate me
    Halls cough drops
    Parenting Magazine
    2 dried up coffee cups
    1 McDonalds cup
    1 Coke Can
    A huge Sopranos poster b/c this is my favorite SHOW!
    New Orleans postcard (have been here a bunch)
    Chicago postcard (just went there a few months ago)

    See told you you didn’t want to know…It is ridiculous.
    BTW..does your coffee cup have floaties in it from sitting on your desk over the weekend or is that just me.

  2. Random and Odd Says:

    I love the Sopranos too!
    see, we are too much alike.
    No floaties, but lots of rings.

  3. Pissy Britches Says:

    Holy crap! Are you serious woman? I serious love that show. I seriously cannot WAIT for it to come back on for the last season. Too cool!

  4. Sheri Says:

    Sopranos rock! And we love Deadwood too. However.. .onto more boring things….my desk:

    a halogen lamp that will remove fingerprints if touched.
    5 framed pictures of my daughter at various ages
    1 framed picture of my husband
    3 flowerpots full of colored gel pens,uniball pens and sharpies. I have a pen fetish
    a phone I hate to answer
    My digital camera & dock
    a couple hair scrunchies
    1 stack of unpaid bills
    more colored markers
    sticky notes with passwords for various accounts
    lots of dust and crumbs

    gross I know – but you asked!

  5. MooCow Says:

    My desk looks like this.

    Not visible in the picture is a pile of empty coffee cups and pens with the tops chewed off…

  6. chisparoja Says:

    Great 2 posts!! on my desk – other than the computer, inbox/outbox, caluculator, phone, blah blah blah etc…

    3 framed photos of the kid and a Happy Bunny Sign Book flipped open to “it worries me how dumb you are”.

    hee hee.

  7. Sissychong Says:

    Let’s see….
    A candy dish full of now and laters (some for now and some for later)
    A honeydew melon candle for those days when I need aromatherapy
    A wedding picture of hubbychong and I and the 4 kids
    Tons of files and folders
    a stapler, with remover
    A computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse
    A fan (that bad boy needs cleaning)
    An adding machine with a bout a mile of use paper hanging out of it onto the floor
    A phone, with headset
    A rolodex
    A Tape dispenser
    A box of tissues
    A bottle of Stop & Shop sprink water
    A combo, fax, copier, scanner, printer machine
    Pictures drawn by my little artists
    POST-ITS by the bushel!