My Brats

Pick One..

I have more than 5 readers so I should have NO PROBLEM pawning these brats off.


  1. They are SO loud.
  2. You must request that they do stuff 5 times before they do it.
  3. They come with dogs that pee in the middle of the hallway.
  4. They ask for stuff at every single store.
  5. They are SO loud.
  6. Each one of them eat thier weight in food.
  7. Video games will take up your whole paycheck.
  8. They wear your clothes and ruin them.
  9. They borrow your shoes, trip in them and break their ankles.
  10. You have to pay for the broken ankles.
  11. They are SO loud.
  12. Boyfriends calling.
  13. Girlfriends calling.
  14. You will totally need internet to keep them amused.
  15. In order to be heard, you must yell.
  16. They don’t do chores.
  17. They are SO loud.
  18. You won’t ever be able to find anything you own because they take it.
  19. SO loud.
  20. I know I mentioned it somewhere….THEY ARE SO LOUD!

Okay, soooooo…which one are you taking?

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  • Charlotte

    Do I have to pick just one? If so, give me Tyler. I’ll bet I could bribe him to carry heavy things for me if I buy him video games. :-) Soon the day will come when they will all be gone and you’ll be complaining that the house is too quiet…. or maybe not!

  • Flutter

    Well they can all come and live with me! But if I had to pick just one I will pick Alex. She is artistic and hysterical and we could make a phat living off her artwork and ebay!

  • kimmyk

    Well Kristine [and Shaun] I have close to this problem. I have a 12 and 13 year old boy and girl who seem to have every friend over in the neighborhood daily-I’m beginning to forget which I gave birth to…soooo… give me them and you take all of these hellions with you? Fair trade.

  • Pissy Britches

    Tyler please. He is such a handsome young man (in a totally non perverted way of course)…
    You keep the girls..we got enough of them around here…

  • MrsDoF

    There are plenty of guys around here already, so Tyler would fit right in. And if he is good at cooking, Math, or plays the guitar, would be very helpful.

  • Pissy Britches

    yeh Marina is quite the funny one.
    she is a goof ball..but they are all so cute…i would take them all for like 5 minutes if you really wanted me to.

  • Snickrsnack-Katie

    I will so take the littlest one – any kid who can draw pictures of frogs and sell them on eBay is a.o.k. with me!

    I know what you mean about the kiddos getting loud and messing all of our shit up! And I only have one to contend with. When my sister’s baby comes over I think I might pull my hair out! But I love these kiddos no matter what! What is it that makes us put up with them? Oh yeah, they are cute.

  • Monkey

    i am not taking any of them for longer than one night…ok, maybe two…but thats only if you agree to take mine for the same amount of time, at the same moment…

    just sayin :)


  • Shelly

    I can’t take one…I’d just end up losing them:)

    If I have to though…I choose the one that plays video games…Oh no…Did I just take more than one of them?

  • Melanie

    I will take them all. I have four girls and one boy also. Actually maybe you should keep Tyler…he is way cute and I have a 14 year old daughter. She’s already in heat enough as it is, lol.

  • melanie

    i’ll talk alyx. she and bunny would have a blast, although they might drive me more nuts than she does by herself. plus, she’s small enough that i think i can “take her” if anything happens.

    p.s. i linked you at my new blog.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    I don’t see how your description of the children is any different from a husband, but with no “fringe benefits.”

    Sorry. I don’t think I’m allowed to have kids, anyway. Really, does anyone actually think I’d be any kind of constructive role model for children?


  • sheryl (WoM)

    They are pretty cute! I’ll take one or two as long as I am spared the “I hate you!” teenager stage…?

    Of course, my first choice is Alyx (due to her amazing powers of logic and general awesomeness), but I’ll also take Shea. Stave off the I Hate Yous a little longer.

  • Liza

    i’ll take whichever one of them can make me laugh the most and sing really random songs with me at any given moment. hmmm who else would i get along with. oh they have to like really off the wall things like dancing to 80s music, saluting people just to see if they’ll react to it, and making up really weird games like “barfing” (drink some pop, wait for someone to go by, then spit it out dramatically to see fi they’ll freak out. this was a great game to play when i was like 11).

    so you tell me which one should i steal lol.

  • dashababy

    I’ll take them all for the weekend if you bring them here and then promise to come and take them home.
    You’re lucky Kris. They’re good kids. Loud? Yes. I know but I can handle it for a little while.
    I miss them. Hey, I know, put ’em on a bus and send ’em. They’d love it! Roundtrip tickets of course.

  • Karen

    Are the smaller ones discounted? If so, I’ll take the pink and purple ones. If not, I’ll take one of the bigger ones, you decide. Kind of like a grab bag.

  • Steph

    You know how they say your kids are good for other people- so I will trade yours for my 3, that way we will both have a set of well behaved kids. Mine are 15,12 & 8, they fit your kids description pretty well. So send them to Nebraska & I will send mine to you…..
    Also they are very beautiful & handsome- LOUD & ALL !

  • Liz

    Yeah, trade you my four for your group for awhile. I think mine must be louder. And cost more. I took way too many trips to the er last year… :)