Random and Odd

R & O Reminder

Today is Renee’s Birthday. Sneak over there and wish her a happy birfday.

oh and since Monday’s suck, if you want to play wishlist…today would be a good day.

Comment Section Wish List…

Body: Okay, here’s the deal. The person above you in the comment section makes a wish (“I wish I had a banana!”), and then the person below grants your wish, and then wishes something else, but here’s the fun part: Your wish is messed up!

Example: Renee—I wish I had a birthday present.

KimmyK—Granted, but the birthday present is a IRS audit. I wish I had a new car.
Dashababy—Granted, but it’s a Geo Metro that only goes 15 miles per hour…I wish..

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.