Random and Odd

SPF: Feb 23, 2006


the inside of your nightstand drawer

This was my grandomother’s magazine cabinet. I’m going to fill it up with important documents, but that would first require me to remove my ass from this computer chair.

a good book you’ve read

Good. It wasn’t GREAT. If anyone likes Jude like I do will read it though…and if you want it, send me your address and I’ll send it to you.

your favorite lamp

    This is the lamp you would see if you walked through the front door and looked up.
    It replaces the tacky gold & glass one that comes stock in the house.

    Wow…this is the first SPF at the new place. Hope everyone isn’t too thrown off.
    I added a link at the top that will take you to the SPF for the week.
    PLEASE remind your readers that ANYONE can play. Give them the directions:

    1. Find out what we are taking pictures of by clicking the Stuff Portrait Friday link at the top of this blog or wherever you put it on your blog.
    2. Take the pictures.
    3. Post them Thursday night or Friday morning.
    4. Leave a comment here so everyone can go check out your stuff.
    5. Go check out the people who comment on your blog and leave them a comment!that’s it! simple huh? DID YOU PLAY???