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American Idol…

You all love it when I post while medicated. I’m sorry, but i’m only a little bit medicated right now, but I did watch American Idol tonight and I finally found someone that LOOKS and ACTS like me when i’m medicated.

Taylor Hicks. I love him. Is it wrong to love him so much?
I’m afraid to go to Cat’s Blog and see what she has to say about my favorite. I will though. I will have to spend the next couple of months battling Cat about American Idol. I know her, I know she’s probably fawning over Ace. He’s cute, but he’s a Contantine throwback. I like the Vin Deisel looking guy. Meow.
This is my favorite time of the year.

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  • delaine

    Must not let hubby know that I like that Vin Diesel guy too. He is tooo adorable and rough at the same time. Like he would rip off my clothes, throw me down and ask what he can do for me….KWIM? yummy

  • Just another Jen

    Oh you must be talking about Chris. He had my daughters and I swooning. Way to bridge the generation gap! He got our vote.

    I love Taylor and if I had known that you could vote for more than one person (duh) I would have voted for him too.

  • randomandodd

    Someone know how to make Shaun a..um…admin? or something?
    I mean, yeah…Becky is hot, but I’m not going to vote for her.

    GO TAYLOR HICKS and Vin Deisel looking guy. MEOW.

  • cristin in NJ

    MEOW is right on Chris, and Taylor is just too cute. I love the Joe Cocker-like mannerisms when he sings.

    I have stacks of “Idol” drafts waiting for the fixing of my template, which I somehow screwed up when trying to move stuff around. duh.

    And I have to agree with you. Ace is mightily cute, but too much like Constantine

  • Anne

    well I am gonna have to go to the bedroom and watch american idol on tivo cause i missed it last night might have to rewatch the ladies too lol.

  • Liza

    OH MAN TAYLOR IS MY FAVORITE!!! I love him. I’ve loved him since the first time I saw his gray hair. I heart him so very very much and when he came in playing the harmonica, I thought I’d die. I play harmonica (by play I mean attempt) and I was like OH THIS IS MEANT TO BE.

  • Jenie

    Love Taylor and LOVE Chris! Yum! Ace is okay…but I think he’ll get tons of votes because he’s cute. Katherine is my favorite girl and yeah Becky should go because she murdered that song, but I absolutely hate that Brenna chick! She’s gotta go too!

  • lawbrat

    Um, will you hate me if I admit i’ve never seen American Idol? I have no idea when its on, what time, what channel…its time to get out from under my rock, no?

  • Shaun

    Ace and Lisa as the final two. Some good singers in there this year. And there’s not much on the female side to look at, so give me my Becky for a few weeks. Cat will understand.

  • cat

    Oh, Kristine, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what I have to say about Taylor…

    That being said… how hot is Ace?! I know, right? He is SO not Constantine. The difference? Well, Ace can SING, for starters. He simply IS what poor Connie was always TRYING to be. Plus, you know, PRETTY.

    As for the women, Becky is drop-dead gorgeous, yes, but she SOOOO cannot sing. Urgh! Her song was painful. Seriously painful. She better be voted off. Well, Becky and “How FuuuhAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!…” girl. Ick. Although her “Pick Pickler!” was, like, the cutest thing ever! I laughed so hard, I kid you not. “Pick Pickler!” Hoo!

    Oh, and Barbie (AKA: Heather Cox) must go as well. And BRENNA! Who else wants to reach right into the TV and slap her silly when she starts with the posing?! Huh?! Good LORD.

    Okay, I’ll stop now. But I’m excited. The singers get better every year, right?

  • cat

    Oh, BTW… I call that Catharine and Taylor will make the final three. And possibly Ace. Or maybe Lisa or Paris. Oh, plus Vin Deisel. Hmm… Okay, this is my Top FIVE, I guess.

  • dashababy

    I was so inspired by the guys last night that I actually voted for the very first time and I’ve watched every season of this show. I voted for 4 different guys but I honestly couldn’t choose. Although I do have my favorite and it’s not because he is the best singer on show but he is damn purdy, yes Cat, he can sing!

  • Mandy

    I absolutely love American Idol. I love this time of year! You can be sure that I will be commenting on it every week!
    I also like Taylor…but I’m an Ace fan all the way. And the vin diesel guy. I think his name is Chris. Both of those boys got both mine and my mothers votes last night.

  • Amy

    Taylor has got something. Out of all the guys he had the most real energy. And once they get him a decent haircut, he will look good too.

  • Montana Anna

    Hands off Chris, ladies. He’s mine. Ain’t nobody sings “Dead or Alive” like that without getting panties thrown at the TV screen. Hell, I’d STOP wearing panties if he asked me to.

  • ieatcrayonz

    So tired of the Mikala Gordon throw away. Go away, Brenna “Mima” Bitchslap You Cross the Forehead.

    I like Katharine and Paris for the girls, and Chris and Taylor from the guys. Ace is lovely, but I’ve got to go with Taylor cause he’s kinda underdog in a competition like this. Cat’s description of Paris’ helium voice was DEAD ON!

  • Boob Sweat

    Shit I wasn’t done…
    Anyway…I love Kristine and I like Pickle.

    Brenna and Sway won’t be gone soon enough for me.

    AND…tonight I think it will be Brenna, Heather, Bobby and David hitting the road.

    I love Idol season!

  • dashababy

    “Gasp” Wireless Laptop!!! You spoilt rotten BRAT! When you get that???
    I’m so crackin’ up right now, lovin’ these comments.

    Amy, I agree! Somebody puh-leaze do somethin’ with that guys hair. It’s freakin’ killin’ me.

    ieatcrayonz, lol, “Go away, Brenna “Mima” Bitchslap You Cross the Forehead.” She drives me CRAZY! I know America feels the same way, she’ll be gone, I pray.

    I agree we got some waaaay hot guys in there this year. Thank goodness. We were tortured enough with the likes of Clay, that redheaded John dude and a few others that I shall not mention but this year is so cool! Yay!

  • wayward goddess

    And he shall be Tay-lor
    And he shall be a good man
    And he shall be Tay-lor
    In tra-di-tion with a family plan
    And he shall be Tay-lor
    And he shall be a good man
    He. Shall. Be. Tay-lor

  • randomandodd

    No, I didn’t get a Laptop. I was playing with Brian’s.

    For all of you that have the opportunity to go see the Ruse, GO. You won’t regret it.
    Tell them that “Mom” sent you though!!

  • kimmyk

    I love Taylor, but ACE??? Ho-ly dyin!

    I thought of Shaun last night watching AI..wondering if he was going to do another one of his ….whatchacallits. I loved those. Pope Idol…etc. Good stuff.

    3 days a week though watching AI-I’m never going to get anything done but watch tv and read blogs.

  • Michelle

    Because of my “I can so easily get obsessed with a TV show” personality, I have to stay away until they get down to the final 12. Looks like an interesting crowd this time around. Is it me or does Paula look a lot OLDER this year?

  • Lelo

    Taylor needs more than a haircut: he also needs dental work and vocal training. Ugh! Hate is a strong word, but it may be appropriate. Sorry, but had to share.fvvvvvvvvv1`

    Ace is awesome. Those steely eyes came right through the TV……the snotty girl has got to go. Don’t. Like. Her. Like Pickler. Lots of great great people this year. It’s gonna be a good one…..

  • Lelo

    OMG I am SO WRONG about Taylor. I confused him with the other guy who sang Lynrd Skynrd this week. Let me clarify that my MOST FAVORITE SINGER THIS YEAR IS TAYLOR HICKS. Duh!

    Sigh. Thanks for setting me straight Kristine!

  • Dr. H.O. Potamus

    Finally, somebody else who has never seen the show or at least watches the show and really can’t comment on the show.

    yes, Dr. H.O Potamus and RSG find themselves as an odd couple.

    Dr. H.O. Potamus

    PS: I don’t even vote in elections…I don’t think I’m voting for the next American Idol (unless of course they are running for president…can’t do much worse than what we have)

  • Tania

    Girl..Taylor is my favorite too! I just love him, he is just so…..adorable! He’s from Alabama too, so I have to go with the local boy! I’m so glad he’s good! Don’t hide that you like him, he’s wonderful! Taylor Fans Unite! Ha!