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Calling All Bloggers….

I’m now 800 lbs. Not being able to get up out of bed, mixed with Charlottes mint chocolate chip cookies have enlarged me to a human tanker truck.

I might need to rethink the whole ‘send me cookies’ requests.

It’s 3am and I am on the last leg of my Nip/Tuck first season. Like I said in the comments, I am a tv, movie, books and music idiot. You need to keep me informed of cool shows. If it wasn’t for my back being out I would never know what a sweet girl Amber Frey was, Joey was a comic genius or that Nip/Tuck is…dare I say it? BETTER than Sopranos!

The reason I hauled my ass out of my cookie crumb infested bed is to put out a request for help.

Alyx is all in a tissy. Normally I wouldn’t feed this, but it looks like her precious Polly Pockets are slowly being pulled from the shelf so they can be replaced with Bratz or whatever the new fad in kids are into. Alyx LOVES Polly Pockets. She cleaned the game closet yesterday for 8 bucks so she could get this certain Polly. (Yes, 8 bucks is the going rate to clean my closets…anyone want to take on the ‘art closet’?)

We can’t find Britain Polly. We found “French Polly” but not “Britain Polly” All I know is that it comes with 2 Pollys and she comes in a (I can’t believe I’m condoning her getting this stupid doll) she comes wearing a …. oh God, i’m going to spend the rest of my life paying for her therapy…a school girl outfit.

If you happen to be in the toy store, drug store, porn shop…and you see this certain Polly, can you pick it up for me? I’ll pay you back. (I’ll have to clean the art closet first though)

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  • Kristine

    lol, or this might just be Shaun’s birthday present. He’s been wanting a blonde in a school girl outfit since that one Halloween I dressed up as one!

    JUST KIDDING…it’s for Alyx.

    Besides, he still has the picture of me as the school girl and Jessica as a…yeah, I better not say.

  • Wicked Wanda

    That’s cracking me up. I can’t help you with the Polly. My only child is a boy so all I know about is Xbox and Playstation 2 games.

    I did want to say that Nip/Tuck is the Bomb! Do you happen to know when the new season starts. I’ve been watching all the repeats. I think I’ve seen every episode about 3 times. I’m ready for new Nip/Tuck!!

  • Vajana

    There’s a BRITAIN POLLY???? Oh my gosh my daughter is not aware of this. Damn, California always gets the good stuff first. In the Midwest we have to wait until everything isn’t cool anymore before it gets to us!

    Riley is going to freak. Yippee for me, now I can have her clean some closets for some Pollys. Thanks! If I see one I will buy them for Alyx, but like I said, I’m probably more likely to find a Donnie and marie doll before I find something cool like that!

  • Nilbo

    Better that The Sopranos? Man. Between that and your Val Kilmer lust, the drugs have really affected your standards.

    I say, keep gobbling those meds. In a month or two of steady usage … hell, you’ll be calling Fear Factor “must-see TV” … and even *I* will start looking pretty damn good.

  • Shaun

    Well, considering the last new episode of The Sopranos was 1978, comparing any show to The Sopranos isn’t what it used to be. What show has ten episodes, then takes 7 years off? I didn’t watch Nip-Tuck, but Kristine was nice enough to show me some of the, uh, highlights. Gotta love her.

    And yes, I’m looking for the British schoolgirl costume for Kristine also. Anyone need their closets cleaned?

  • Easily Amused

    Okay, I’m with Pissy Britches on this one. What The Fuck Happened To Barbie??? Is she guest starring on Nip/Tuck???? Lord knows she’s had work done! hehehe. No Pollys in Missouri that I remember seeing. (was just at ToysRus last week)

    Try the show “The Shield” it’s on FX same as Nip/Tuck. Very intense show and it’s great.

  • KGrams

    First and most important… I’ll keep my eye out for the Polly Pocket.

    Is there anything special we should be looking for to be given away on Aug 3rd??? LOL

    Nip/Tuck… I haven’t seen or heard of this one. Please give more info. What is it about? What Station? I must know.

  • Amy

    Need more information re:Britain Polly.STOP
    Have searched in ebay but more descriptive nouns/adjectives to find this particular one.STOP
    Please advise.STOP
    OVER and OUT.

  • Cat

    Oh NO. Note to self: Check eBay for Britain Polly, STAT!

    I’m all over it, Kristine! I’m gonna be buying that Britain Polly ALL up! One for you, one for me! I mean, my girls! My girls LOVE Pollys! Okay, okay… more importantly, I love Pollys! With their little plastic flippy hairdoos! And their little rubbery clothes! And their teensy rubbery shoes!

    Good times.

    Well, I’m off to check eBay! I will keep you posted!

  • Blu

    Being that my daughter is NOT into dolls, I have no idea what this Polly Pocket thing is… but I have seen the ads for Bratz. They disgust me- it’s like hoochie mama training … far worse than Barbie damage to these kids… do ya wanna look like a hooker? Sorry- I’m very opinionated, and my daughter and I both think Bratz are skanky!

  • The Recovering Straight Girl

    Kristine, it’s probably your lucky day, my former LBCG is a Polly Pocket WHORE. She has a problem with Polly Pocket and owns about 40,000 of them. She buys them very cheap at garage sales with the intent of selling them on E-Bay, but all she ever manages to do is collect them in boxes. I’ll ask her for the Britain Polly, I’m sure she has one and I’ll bring it on September fucking first.

  • song

    Nilbo: you dare to question the val kilmer lust? Just for that I am no longer fantasising about you in your sexy fortune-teller outfit.

    Kristine: in your medicated state you seem to have a CRAZY FROG Google ad. GET. IT. OFF. NOW. (JRabbit was on to something w/ the whole no google things, hey…)

  • Mojavi

    what the F* is a polly pocket? Is it like a bratz doll or something…. since when did having a big head become so in style anyway :)

  • Shaun

    Polly Pockets are just little rubber/plastic dolls…..tiny Barbies, with clothes and shoes and playsets and everything.

    Polly Pockets was NOT Kristine’s former porn name.

  • Adrienne

    Polly Pocket has been around a while and is waaaay better than Bratz. I agree with blu – I was at target the other day and saw that the Bratz have half taken over the doll section. I would NEVER buy that for ANY little girl. I can’t imagine who would buy that for their kid: “here hun, copy the dolly and soon, you’ll be bringing home lots of money of your own – from the STREETS.”

    I loved polly pockets when I was little.

  • Lori

    Hope your back is feeling better soon; I can empathize. Nip/Tuck rocks – it only gets better! My sister hooked me on this last summer and I ran through the DVD’s in record time. Season 2 comes out on DVD in late August and Season 3 starts in Sept.