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I need some post – it notes….

“Mom, can I have this?” Shea holds up a small green bear in a small half box type of thing.

“What is it?” I looked, but didn’t really see what she was showing. I was watching JOEY. No one told me that show was funny. Or maybe I was just medicated.

“It’s a gween bewr.” Her Boston accent is still as thick as it was when she was 5.

“A green bear?”

“Yeah. It says..aaaauuugggust. What does that mean?”

“Dunno.” Mild laughing at Joey being a total nerd. OH LOOK IT’S ANDRIANNA FROM SOPRANOS!

“So can I have it?” She asks again.

“Uh. yeah.” I turn up the volume as if my now super sonic medicated ears can’t hear the electricity pumping through the walls already. “WHOA WAIT! it might be someone’s.” I’m sucha good mom for thinking about the other children in the house.

“It says Aaaauggggust.” She puts in front of my face. “I think it’s a birthday bear. It has a little charm on it.”

“It’s probably Marina’s bear. Her birthday is in August.”

Kara comes in the room, as if on cue. “No, her birthday is in December.”

I can’t hear Joey and figure out who made the perfect lasagna if they keep talking.

“Whatever. Take it. It’s yours. It’s probably something one of you guys bought at a yard sale.”

FINALLY. Silence. LOL….that Joey is funny. I think I should take the other pill, it’s a double header of Joey followed by Will and Grace.

Something is tickling the back of my mind. Birthday. August.
Someone has a birthday in August. If I could just remember who….

Fuck. I am the worst girlfriend EVER.

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