Random and Odd

Those Quiet Moments.

The Wild Atlantic takes a moment to chill

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am to a very fluffy and very cuddly puppy crashed out on my neck. I moved him to my side and his little puppy eyes looked up at me, he yawned and I swear to god he smiled at me. “Oh you are so cute!” I whispered, but since my face made noise it meant it was okay to wake up and start playing. I wasn’t really ready to start my day, but Murphy was. He is the boss of me.

Murphy is now 7 months old and is completely potty trained. He’s been doing really well and his accidents now only happen when he tells me he wants to go out and I don’t listen. His window is little so I can’t make him wait until I finish what I am doing.
When we are gone he has this massive play pen and when he was younger he would have accidents. Now when we get home there isn’t any mess.
Last night he was cuddled up between Jon and I and I was thinking about how I just decided I needed another dog. When things are like a circus around here, Jon and I will say, “4 dogs. It will be fun she said!”
There was just something that when we were bringing all 3 of the dogs in, I felt like I was missing a dog. I’ve never owned 4 dogs at one time so I don’t know why the fuck I thought I was missing one, but now when all four dogs are running around the backyard it feels normal. I wasn’t missing that 4th dog, my heart was missing THIS dog. My fluffy little ball of energy who can often times be an asshole.

I love the quiet hours before anyone else is awake and I can listen to the house make it’s noises, sit on the couch and have two fluffy dogs at each side sleeping. My life is quiet now and it gives me time to appreciate what I have, the small things that make me happy and remind me of trips, loved ones or a memory. I enjoy the ritual of my mornings. Looking around at the things we have used to decorate our home. The Turkish lamps that remind me of my trip to the Colorado Women’s Retreat. Stepping into a building filled with these beautiful lamps gave me such a feeling of peace. The lavender in a vase by the door and the small ornaments we forgot to put in the Christmas decoration box. The small things that make up our home are the things I like to look at when the house is silent and still has that early morning chill.

My life is good.