Random and Odd

oh whhhhhatever!

The battle of updating and moving R&O to the updated site has been frustrating so I decided to just take a break from thinking about it and actually just write something. If it doesn’t get transfered, oh well.

I have a ton of Ireland Trip 2 updates that I will just hold on to until the site is moved. Hopefully this will be resolved before I get back from my 3rd trip. This 3rd trip to Ireland might be just Sue and I and it might not be Ireland. Depending on circumstances it might turn into an Italy or England trip. We will know more in a couple months. Until then we plan for it to be Ireland and the majority of the trip is already planned out. If it moves, then we start over. We would like to see some English Gardens and the whole trip will be a mashup of gardens and museums. I know, it doesn’t sound super exciting, but when we were in Ireland last time we had the most fun when we were in the gardens or learning something about the history of it.

The holidays were fucking amazing with all my girls in one living room playing video and board games. I couldn’t have asked for anything else, that was all I wanted. Jon got me a bad ass telescope that I can connect my phone to. Now for the weather to clear so I can break it out!

Well, there I wrote something. I guess I should get in the habit of getting up in the morning and writing again. It feels like it’s always just an update for myself. It’s time to start writing as if tomorrow is my last day here.