Random and Odd

Migration Complete

The Rona is making everything quiet.

Apparently I am an ‘Essential worker’ Never thought in a million years the government would classify me as ‘essential’, but here we are.

It’s taken 2 plus weeks to get my website back up and running. Customer service was a nightmare and 3 different people did the equivalent of nothing, but today I got someone that actually could fix it to get it done. To be honest, I thought I made a huge mistake letting the migrate my content. I was ready to let it go and start over fresh.
I’m glad I didn’t loose 2004 – 2020. During the process of transferring I found old pages I had put to password protected. I reread what I wrote and It pissed me off again. Not because I stood up for someone who now is a complete bitch and doesn’t deserve my protection, but all the anger I had in me toward the people who treated her like shit. I wish I could have all that negative energy back, they weren’t worth it. None of them were. I can’t believe I got myself tangled in their web.
I asked my oldest daughter if I should take the time to remove all the photos I have of her. She said that she likes to look back and remember the good times and asked to me to leave them. She’s a better person than I will ever be, because if I had my wish I would delete every single memory if given the opportunity.

So Italy is off the table unless Boo Hoo Moneybags is right and this virus will disappear just like a miracle. *rolling eyes at his stupidity*
and I am bummed, but on the other hand I am actually happy because it gives me more time to learn about the places I will see. I have been cramming information like a test up until a month ago. Now I can relax and read the books, watch the videos….it will still be there and we will help it back on its feet.

Holy shit, the amount of tv i’ve been watching is pathetic. The crazy tiger one too.
My favorite is called, “Walking through History” anything on the world’s history is always my favorite, but I love this guy who tells the stories. I’m into British TV lately because I don’t have to listen to the drama bullshit the American shows have. The screaming at each other, the name calling and the KEEP WATCHING!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!. I mean, our shows are shit. The Bachelor is a prime example.

Well, back to work.