Random and Odd


On our way to Denver yesterday I was struck by a comment made when I expressed an upcoming flying anxiety.
“The obstacle is the way…” and he smiled and gave a chuckle as he led me through a breathing exercise.

When I got to the airport, my anxiety had lessened and I knew my strength was now centered. I walked through the book store as I waited for my plane and I found shoved on the bottom shelf a book with the same title of the comment that was made. Flipping through the book, I decided it was probably one I was going to have to read.
I picked up a note pad as well because whenever I am reading something that I know I am going to learn something from, I write notes down like a mad woman.

The flight was only two hours, but in those two hours I filled up a notebook of quotes and things I need to set my intentions to when I start meditation in the morning.
I’m at a jumping off point and I know that at these places in life is where I gain the most strength and knowledge.

Rejoicing in the obstacles for I am given the gift of learning something new and it teaching me something very important I will get to use later in my life.

Life…it’s pretty fucking good!