Random and Odd

Ready to Fly!

Fifty Eight days from now I will be boarding a plane to go to Ireland for the second time.
Everything I need is ready to go. This time around I know what to pack and what to leave at home. This time around I know what can go and what can stay at home.
My last trip I packed way too much. This time I know that in Ireland you don’t need half the clothes you pack, just pack clothes you can layer.
My co-traveler packed all he needed in his backpack and I thought he was crazy, but come to find out he did just fine for 2 weeks. I bought a small on board suitcase and found a great backpack that will fit everything else for the long flight.  
This trip is so different than the last trip.  This time we spend the majority of the time in Ulster.
I had a million questions for Mick about what we should call things. Is it Derry or Londonderry? He said, “GOOD QUESTION! You call it DERRY!”  I had a feeling he would say that and the more research I did on Ulster, I am baffled by why the Home Rule wasn’t in their favor. I guess they probably ask the same thing about the US and the Civil War.  

Things in my life are calm.  I really like calm. My anxiety has been almost non existent in the last few months. Home life is 100% and work life is 100%.   It’s been nice to spend time with my love and get into a really awesome place together.
I’ve been having amazing conversations with my amazing friend, Liz.  I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything we haven’t touched on. From children to java coding and our solar system. It’s nice to have a detailed, intelligent conversation where you can laugh, learn and inspire each other.  It’s nice to talk and know the person is listening to understand and not to just respond. Positive talk.

The weather has been nuts lately and Shea sends me daily photos on what lift she is on that day. I can’t express how much those mean to me.  The photos all look the same; snow, hills, snow covered trees and a ski lift. It’s the thought that she knows that I worry about her and she wants to share what she thinks is beautiful.  

I can’t wait for winter to end and she can come home and we can hang out in the sun.

Life. It’s good.