Random and Odd


Today marks the one month until I am in Ireland countdown!
In my memories the other day I found the photo from when we decided to travel to Northern Ireland. We began this journey a year ago.
Ma came into my office yesterday and we were just buzzing with excitement that in a blink of an eye we will be getting on that plane. Ma has never travelled abroad and the giddiness and joy when she got her passport was something I will never forget. For two weeks I get to experience a place I have already been, but now that I know the history…it will be with new eyes and I will be able to pay my respects. My request for this trip was two days in The Burren and Mick made sure I got that. I love county Claire and when I get my ancestry done, I am guessing that is where we came from. It just feels like home. With Ma I will get to see things I haven’t got to see yet. AMOR FATI!

I started a wall on Pintrest for the Ireland 2019 that I have been working on by days and places. It’s coming along slowly because I know jack shit about Northern Ireland. The last trip I was co-pilot and I learned all the freeways and major highways. This trip I get to sit in the back with Ma and just write, take photos and space out on the view. It’s been making getting all the stuff together a little slow. I better hurry up…i only have THIRTY DAYS LEFT!

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