Random and Odd

Much needed change.

I’ve been wanting to completely change Random and Odd for years and I just wasn’t in the place to do it. This last week I had some time set aside to do just that, fix this damn page! I decided to do away mostly with the whole “Random and Odd” if you know me, you know that is the name of my page and if you don’t know who I am…why are you here again?

15 years ago when I started Random and Odd it was for my mom and sister to keep up on what was going on. It worked well and then all the sudden I had different people coming here and it was quite the place to be back in early 2000. I’ve posted well over 2,000 posts with over 31k comments. That was during prime time. Now it’s very few people come and I am actually really happy about that because I was able to drop the adverts and write about what I want to write about. In order to revamp the site, I decided to lock up some old stuff and focus on the direction I want this website to go in. I want to make this more of a travel log of my adventures, my travels and my life. I’m focusing more on photography again and less cell phone captures. This upcoming trip to Ireland will be a good kick off.
Now to get the mobile app to not be an asshole and I will be happy.
I’ve closed comments because I am sick of spam comments. I’m tired of having to go through and manually delete 100 plus computer generated bullshit. If you want to talk, just text me or head on over to Instagram or Facebook!
I’m FINALLY getting excited about writing again. Now to just pick something and go with it! :)