Random and Odd

Rainy Mornings

“It’s Only Wednesday.” -Me…every Wednesday.

Laying in bed and looking out the slider to the backyard and watching the pool and hot tub fill with water and a small stream of rain water as it makes it’s way to the gutter and all I can think is— it’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s strange that when you are happy, truly happy you can find beauty in the mundane. I imagine our family in this very backyard this upcoming summer, swimming, watching movies and spending time with friends. The backyard has brought me happiness from the moment we found this place. I remember sitting on the back step one night looking over the blank backyard. Just a pool and hot tub was all of it. I thought, “I wonder what this will look like once we get everything settled.”
Last summer I was floating in the pool, cleaning the tiles and I looked around and I thought, “This is what it looks like.”
There was no place I would have rather have been at that moment.

Yesterday I finally got the last bit of the itinerary of our Ulster trip in April.
The last time I was in Ireland and we had 2 days in Dublin (one day to shake jet lag) and I was underwhelmed. It felt like I was walking around San Francisco. This trip lands on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (Easter Rising) and I have planned my whole second day in Dublin traveling around to the key places that in 1916 were a part of that rising. I’m bummed that I had no idea how important Dublin is to Ireland the role that it played in their freedom my first trip.
This trip I will be honoring that day and that beautiful city that once was in rubbles. I’m creating a map that highlights the key places and putting on my walking shoes. The last time I walked that city, I did 10 miles in one day and I didn’t even have a plan of where I was going. This might exceed that a bit. ;)

Now it’s time to get ready to go into work. The amount of rain coming down, I better throw on a life vest!