Random and Odd

Rainy Saturday

Ended up January strong by finishing up my accounting reports so I don’t have to scramble at the end of the quarter to make sure I have everything. It’s my least favorite part of my job. It’s actually the second. The least favorite is telling customers their car needs a new engine.

Friday nights are my favorite because Jon and I get to hang out and talk, but this Friday night he was tired and fell asleep. I got to watch more old shows on WW2 and zone out. My phone rang and it was my daughter, Shea. She is in Tahoe working at a ski resort and almost every day she sends me a picture of her “office”. She said, “Hi mom, just driving home from work and thought I would call and talk…” and we did for a solid hour. We talked about traveling, some of our favorite books, the places we both want to see, boys, silly stuff we use to do. Those calls and conversations are always positive, inspiring and very much cherished.
We hung up the phone and as if they had had coordinated it, Alyx calls me. “Hi Mom!! Whatcha doing?? I’m driving home from work and I miss you and thought I would call!” I laughed and shared with her that I had just had the same conversation with Shea. We then talked for a half hour and I got off the phone feeling I couldn’t be any more filled up with gratitude and love.
I love that my kids call me, send me photos and come over and hang out.
Now it’s Saturday morning. Jon is in the kitchen singing George Michael’s Faith at full volume with Alexa while making me coffee. Things just don’t get better than spending time with people you love who are also happy and positive.
It’s raining and very windy outside so I am spending the day inside to work on my Cricut projects and writing some more…as soon as Jon’s done singing ;)