Random and Odd


I decided I was finished waiting to see who would join me on my adventures for 2016 and decided to just sign up for them and if people want to tag along, they can do it. I am done waiting.

I signed up for my yearly Getty Owl run. I signed up for a 10k trail run and also a 10 mile trail run.  I want to use these races as a moving meditation session and get back what I put into them.
I am registered for my 2016 Mindful Meditation classes.  It sucked missing the last couple of classes last year, but I would never take back that trip to Vegas.  Boy we had fun!

The one race I signed up for, I have never done, but the trail is one I have done many times in the past and it’s not too overly hot and difficult.  I hope to finish it with the desire to want to go further next time.  I promised a friend I would go and visit them for my birthday, but this is so much more important to me in the aspect of staying on track for my mental checks.

This upcoming year is me getting back to where I need to be.  I want to read more, visit friends more, trail, hike, bike and meditate more.  Travel. I want to travel.   I guess that’s where I decided that if people want to tag along, good…because I don’t have time to wait for people to decide if ‘this or that’ is a good time for them.  It never works if you’re waiting for the perfect time to do something.   I did get to do a few of the hikes I wanted to do in 2015, but those were just warm ups for the big 40 in 4 trip.  Every time I think about it, I nearly pee myself.   To be able to spend 4 days doing the thing I love the most…omg….I almost just peed myself.

Travel will have to be limited in 2016.  I’m going to Utah with my dad. Crater Lake, Oregon with my hiking group and my Pacific Crest Trail hike.  That uses up about all the time my boss will allow me to leave without going into a crying fit.   I would like to make one last Disneyland trip with the girls before they decide I am no longer cool enough to hang with them.

Is Christmas really only a couple weeks away? *sigh*


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