Random and Odd

23459732441_7cd356dd7c_b I spent Thanksgiving with my sister…every time we go up there we insist she makes us toast, because she is the best toast maker EVER.

It’s getting closer to Christmas and I decided this is the year of the gift card. There is just no time to go out shopping and the girls are all about clothes now that they are grown.  They never like what I pick for them, so this year they can pick their own.

Work is going good. Working on our goals for 2016.  My boss is on board with some of the changes we need to make and I promised him that when I get mad at him and point out things that need to get done, it’s not because I’m being a naggy bitch, it’s because we have goals we need to meet and when we get away from that focus it makes the stress level a bit unmanageable.  It’s a long process, but we are getting to a place that we know each other and know that each other isn’t out to hurt the other…but we are both so much alike it’s crazy…yet SOOO FREAKING DIFFERENT.  Needless to say, when he starts talking politics I just stand up and walk away.  He doesn’t realize how smart I actually am when it comes to that shit because I don’t want to have political chats about our differences on a daily basis. I just smile and pretend I have no idea what he’s talking about.

The photography has been going good since I decided to not shoot for people I don’t know or don’t come HIGHLY recommended.  It has made time for me to do the photo shoots that I enjoy with people that don’t make me want to pull my hair out.   This last weekend I got to spend it shooting people I dearly love and the quality in my work is showing through.  I went to the camera shop and put down 700 bucks on the lens for my new camera and even though I was twitching the whole time, I am happy with my purchase.   The process of switching from crop sensor to full frame lenses is going to break me, but it’s a lifetime investment as I don’t ever see myself going back to crop sensor camera bodies. My D300 kind of started weeping when it didn’t even make it out of the camera bag as a back up last weekend.

2016 is targeted to be one of my good years.  I bought my snow boots yesterday and I am gearing up for the snow shoeing trip with my two girlfriends.  The reviews for the boots priced them out at 170 bucks, but the frugal person managed to get the company down to 60 bucks.  I’m not even sure how I did it, but I am happy.
It took me about 3 weeks of comparing all the boots for weight, waterproof and material before I decided on a pair I wanted.  Expect lots of photos of snow this coming year.

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