Random and Odd


The cell phone rang and when I checked who it was. My heart sunk….”Daddy Calling”. This can’t be good. He doesn’t call very often and when he does it’s not always the best news. At my parent’s age, I get a jolt of fear anytime one of my siblings that live close to them calls me. It’s not until I hear the tone of the “Hey sis…” do I finally breath.

I answered the phone, “Hey Daddy!” …and I waited for his tone, which is always kind of hard to read anyway.
“Why hello! I haven’t talked to you in a coon’s age!” I could breath again.

He spent the next 30 minutes telling me about his new motorcycle (he’s in 70’s) and all the trips he has gone on. He sent me pictures and as painful as it is to see him age, he’s doing it with flare. He then told me that he has a trip planned in 2016 to Bryce Canyon, UT. With a squeal of delight I invited myself and told him that if he didn’t let me go with him that I would write him out of my will. He agreed to let me ‘tag along’ on his adventure and he would put the side car on the old motorcycle and let me ride with him. Without hesitation I said, “Or I can catch a flight out there and meet you there.” INSTANTLY I wanted to suck the words back into my mouth and out of existence. My thought was, ‘damn, that’s a long time to be shoved into a side car and i’m kinda old for that kind of…oh shit.’
“Naw, Kristine….it will be fun.”
“Yeah Daddy…it will be an adventure.” I need to lose weight before we go because he may be in his 70’s, but I got a few lbs on that old man and I hurt at a younger level.

I have been stalking Bryce Canyon for about a year now and if you follow my Pintrest board of hikes or places I want to see, you’ll see that is top of the list.

This might be my last adventure with my daddy, so I have sworn to call more often and make this one to remember. I have my tent. Now for all the other goodies!

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.