Random and Odd

PTC 2016



I finally got the hiking crew on the Pacific Crest Trail and they are  HOOKED.
I have been slowly getting my gear together for my 40 mile in 4 day hike next year and I was hell bent on doing with or without them.  During the week I go to REI and get more one on one time with the people that have done this and I ask a million questions and get a million different answers.   So far I have my tent and my sleeping back. Both are ultra light. The backpack I have is far to heavy and I am going to get an Osprey light weight pack.  I am willing to sacrifice some things for light weight gear and apparently that is all the money I have in my account.

In the last month I realized that my Nathan pack has tasted kind of wonky.  After many attempts of cleaning it, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new bladder. Hopefully it will make a difference because I was having to drink bottled water on the trail and HELLLLOOOOO did I look like a damn rookie.

So, the single life.  If I could get a grade at it, it would be an A+.  This is exactly where I need to be in my life.
In the last two weeks I have weaned myself off all medication and I feel so much better.  Looking back on the last year, it was really rough. I was battling demons I had no idea were even there.  There was a hope that after I got better that I would invite a certain person back into my life, but that ship sailed when I noticed that this person deleted all the music that as a couple we had put into a file.  Those songs meant more to me than any physical possession he gave me.  Those melodies and words are what got me through and made me fall in love deeper than I had ever expected.  I haven’t been that angry and upset in a very long time.  LUCKILY, my meditation came to the rescue and I was able to recenter quickly.
Now I am free of medication and any relationship.  Life is damn good.

I’m ready to make 2016 as amazing as 2012.  No, i’m ready to make it amazinger. (yes, that is a word)

Happy- checkitycheckcheckcheck.
Can do whatever I want, whenever I want without feeling a single bit of guilt- CHECK.



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