Random and Odd

Later 2014

I am SO happy to be letting 2014 go.  It wasn’t the best year, but it wasn’t 2009 either.

Things need to be rearranged in my life and I need to figure out the best way to do that.   More time reading and less time Candy Crushing.

Okay, it’s impossible to write anything because I just got a new bird. He’s freaking awesome. He’s a ‘Pocket Parrot’ (ie: Conure)  He’s beautiful and the biggest cuddle bug of an animal I have ever had. This guy is more cuddly than a cat or a dog!  He takes cuddles to a new level.  Unfortunately, when he’s not torpedoing in my neck and hair to lay on his side or back to sleep, he’s on my hands. Right now he’s trying to move my palm with his head so he can eat the space bar off my laptop.   His name is Sterling and he’s still very much a baby at 9 months old.  He dances, gives kisses and says “NO.” and “pretty bird” and some other random sounds that Aaron and I have been teaching him.
In the mornings I get him out of his cage and he darts for my neck as I make my coffee and climb back into bed.
After I check Facebook I will put on videos from YouTube on training this type of bird and as soon as he hears the other birds he comes out and watches the videos.  I swear he’s a freaking bird genius.

Christmas was amazing. This was the first year in my new place and even though it’s a very small 1 bedroom apartment with no cable…everyone wanted to be here.  Alyx and Aaron stayed Christmas eve and watched The Office for hours and hours. I went to bed early because Santa was coming and I wasn’t going to piss him off by being up late.
Alyx got the random stuff she likes. Shea got a new guitar because her old one was too small. We got Aaron the whole Baymax Pop series.  Dan got wallet, Pjs, warm flannel jacket, movies (I spoiled him this year).  We sent off Kara and Patrick’s stuff: games and a make up thingy she wanted.  I opened up a brand new MacPro laptop. Yeah…me…a Mac computer. I was in shock to say the least.   Now I am spending time redownloading all my photography stuff onto that computer.  I don’t want to use it for all the stuff (like this) so I will bounce back between PC and Mac until I am nearly certain I will “Go Mac and never go back”.  This laptop was purchased in 2009 and it has been used to death.
Aaron was so excited to surprise me with such an amazing gift. He did.   If I limped this laptop on for 6 years I am sure I can get at least 10 years out of the new Mac!   I have to take classes on how to use it, but I am sure I will catch on quickly.

Well, it’s time to go get my nails done! :)

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