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I have sat down early in the morning to write something for my blog and I just get distracted with everything else I need to do, or get sucked into a discussion on a photography group.  There are times when I am driving into work and I think, ‘Oh, yeah! I should write about that!” and then as soon as I get to work I forget everything and fall into my day to day at the shop.
Just in the time I wrote that last sentence I went and made more coffee and ended up cleaning my kitchen. It feels like I am always having to do something other than sit down and take a second to myself and just get all the stuff out of my head.  Maybe I am hoarding stories.

Catch up time: Since my last update Aaron and I have taken the girls to Disneyland again. This time we flew out both Kara and Patrick.  We had Aaron (Alyx’s boyfriend) come with us too. Shea just got a boyfriend and we all got to meet him last night and we all agree…he’s awesome and he fits in just fine with all of us.  He would have probably gone if they had been dating a bit longer.
The trip was the best trip so far.

Another fun trip we took was to LA to be total tourists. It was awesome. We did all the touristy things: Star walk, Hollywood sign…the whole shabang!

OH, how can I leave out the 2 concerts we have been to!!??  Jessie McCartney and Fleetwood Mac!  I got to hear Christine McVie sing Songbird…LIVE!  It was magical.

Thanksgiving was yesterday and my house…as always…was the home for the wayward.  I had friends, family and my fish.  It was awesome. Mara came over and we just laughed and made olive penguins and Aaron provided the movies.  Dan and the kids showed up and brought pie we didn’t end up eating because we had stuffed ourselves with Tri Tip and taters!
It wasn’t your traditional Thanksgiving at all.  Dan and I got up earlier and went out on a nice hike and took pictures.  Then later everyone showed up. I was asleep by 11pm.  Being back at work makes me really appreciate the time I get to myself and being able to do the things I love.

Photography. I’m not as busy as I was last year because I raised my prices and I am sticking to my guns.  My weddings will go up again after the first of the year to 3100 and I’ve already brought up my portrait prices to 225.  Even with the price increase I booked enough to pay for Kara and Patrick to come out to California. I’ve almost reached my 6 wedding max for next year so I think I will be fine.
It’s taken being on so many photography groups and seeing what people post some incredibly beautiful and some just horrible. I know now that I am in the upper caliber and I won’t charge less because I don’t think I am good enough.

Other work: OMG, I love my job. I know I say that all the time and anyone that knows me probably thinks I’m crazy because I tell anyone that will listen that I work for the greatest human alive.  Need I say more?

Arg:  So this damn root canal is taking forever and it’s my own fault.  I love my dentist so much!  He’s the bestest ever.

Nails:  I found the best nail artist !!  Nickie with Super Sweet Nails. THE BEST!

Okay, I know there is more I can update and actually have something more useful to write, but now that I am caught up it will make it easier to fall back into the flow of writing again.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.