Random and Odd

Where has the time gone?

I sometimes think, “I should write…” and then I get overwhelmed with all the shit I have to do.

It’s been a busy month for Four Stone Photography. I shot my very first same sex marriage. Held up great until it came to the part where they were signing their marriage licences. Tears started coming down. The bride looked at me and smiled. She said, “Thank you.” She knew I got the impact this moment had.
I usually try not to book too much after a wedding because of the volume of editing I have to do. A whole day can be spent just rotating and going through each picture to make sure it’s not blurry. I didn’t follow my own rules and I had about 5 photo shoots booked.
This morning I booked another wedding that is very last minute. Luckily I picked up an outstanding assistant! I brought her to a wedding, because God forbid I get her feet wet with a photoshoot, nawww….let’s just throw her in the deep end and see if she can swim! Having an assistant made things so much easier for me. Alyx usually assists me at shoots, but because of her junior year in high school being a busy one and adding a job on top of it she hasn’t been able to come on many. She will always do baby shoots even if it means not doing her homework.

I picked up another lens today. I figured out that I am addicted to fixed lenses. My first was the 105 then the 50 then the 90 and now the 30. I’m done for awhile. I can’t afford to even drive past Action Camera anymore. I walk in and they know me by name now!

Well, I took 10 minutes away from my editing to write this and now I am 20 minutes behind. Up all night again!

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.