Random and Odd

Trail of survival

I told you about the guy that told me to put out into the universe what I wanted, right?
It’s working…not only is it working, I am getting other people’s requests for what they want. I met this woman at the gas station and we started talking and she said, “I prayed for you today. I prayed I would find hope somewhere and to get me feeling different than I do.” My heart melted because in my life I have met people that have turned me around from the sad place I was and I am so grateful for them.

When I agreed to start taking pictures again, the floodgate of new people have been surrounding me and I am loving it. I decided this time around that I would take my business in the direction *I* wanted it to go and focus less on the sheer volume of pictures and go with the story I am telling. Now that I am focusing on that, that is all I see when I am shooting.
I guess it’s like when you buy a new car, you notice all of the same model on the road with you.

The group I am on is talking about an ‘editing’ challenge. I’m interested in looking at what people do with a photo, but less into joining into the festivities. I’ve said it many times before. I don’t ‘photoshop’ pictures.
I had a woman ask if I could take out a double chin in her pictures. I’ve had another ask if I could ‘cut them out’ and put them in a different place. My answer is always, NO. I’m about the real, here and now shots. I understand wanting to look your absolute best in a photo, but my number one purpose is to capture you as you are and how people love you.

I believe in scouting out the perfect location for you and your personality. Sometimes I don’t get it right and I will call you back in and say, “Hey, I found a place that will fit you better and let’s do this again, no charge!”
This takes up my time, gas and money to find these places and schedule the right time where the sun is going down right behind you. This is what I believe in …the real. I’m not going to cheat my way into a great shot. What you see in my portfolio is because I was there and I took it.

The picture above is no photoshop, straight from the camera with a crap lens I hate. Do I love the picture? Absolutely. It was taken on Sunday when I was on my way home from scouting places for photos. A cattle truck had caught fire beside HWY 80. I swung back around with the intention of taking pictures of the burning truck, but when I saw the damage the fire had done to these poor calves and the pain they were in, my goal switched to getting them to a safe spot to live out the rest of their very short lives. This calf left a very bloody trail of hoof prints and when he turned back around when he heard the cry of the other calf behind him, I got the shot. I didn’t show the front view because he was bleeding from his eye socket and had blood coming out of his mouth. It was devastating to witness it, let alone help get it off the road and into a confined area. All the cows that survived the fire had to be put down because of how bad they were burned.

I uploaded the other, more graphic shots to my Nat Geo folder. They are being submitted for review.

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