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It’s been a good long time since I have sat down and wrote anything. Even as I write I feel guilty because I have about 10 plus blog posts I need to write for my photography page.

I’ve been booked solid during the weekends for the last 9 weeks.  Once I decided to start my business again, I have been getting calls and booking portraits and weddings left and right.
I was happy to get back in contact with a few brides I had shot their wedding in the past. They said, “I’ve been waiting for you to get back into photography so I can get my families pictures done.”  I even had a fellow photographer say, “Okay, I’m booking you before you decide to stop taking pictures. It’s been 4 years since I’ve had our pictures done, we are do.”
It feels really good to know I have a loyal bunch of clients.
This upcoming week I am working on putting a calendar together for our hockey team. It’s fun to get to know the guys (and girls) outside of the hockey rink. They are pretty awesome and supportive group.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote anything here, but it’s all about photography so I will save you from having to hear about that.

Kara turns 21 in March and I am saving up to go to Vegas with her. My mom has been having more good days than bad days and we are hoping she will be able to go with us.  Alyx has a boyfriend now. That’s kind of weird.  Shea is boy crazy and when she comes over we go through her phone and she tells me which one she’s talking to now.  I wouldn’t say any of my kids are shy, but Shea has a hard time talking to boys and it’s freaking adorable.

My skydiving friends came to visit me last week. I was able to get pictures of Amanda. The last time we did any pictures was her wedding and that turned out to be just a complete mess.  It was  typhoon weather the day of her wedding and everything had to be crammed into the reception hall. It was a stressful day and it showed.  I promised her to retake her pictures when she was feeling up to it.  With things in her life changing we figured there was nothing like a photo shoot to cheer her up.  We had a blast.

I am excited to announce that Four Stone Photography will be the official photographer for The Getty Owl run in February.  I was contacted by Kate and she has been enjoying watching my photography blossom and she wanted me to capture her big day.   This means I have to decide if I am going to run it or take pictures.  I have 3 other photographers on call for the first half and I could shoot the last half after I drag my tired carcass across the finish line.  Details to come later when I go to my first meeting with Team Getty.

Well, it’s back to editing and writing for FSP. :)

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