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love my new monitor!

love my new monitor! by Random and Odd
love my new monitor!, a photo by Random and Odd on Flickr.

I finally caved in yesterday and bought a new monitor. I haven’t had one since 2009 and to be honest, I didn’t really miss it. For the small amount of weddings and family portraits I was doing I didn’t need it. Sitting on my bed working on pictures while watching DIY is the American Dream.
I’ve been aware that my days were limited and I would have to figure out a way to get back to a desk and start putting all my free time back into this just like I did all those years ago.
Yesterday was the straw. I decided to go up to my studio and work on my pictures and I was up there for about 3 hours deep into the editing of every single picture when my eyes just said, “Enough. We are stepping out for coffee and a picture of Zac Effron.”
Normally I put about 5 days of research into whatever I am buying (unless it jumps out at me and says, “BUY ME, DAMN IT! BUY ME NOW!”) but I pulled up the Costco page and looked at 2 monitors and said, screw it and I went down and bought a monitor without research it. I also threw in 2 pack of Viva La Juicy because why the fuck not? It’s been a good year and half since I ran out and I don’t care how much they tell you that the cheap knockoffs are just as good. THEY ARE NOT.
I got home and hooked up that bad boy and started editing. HOLY MOTHER MARY OF CHRIST AND ALL THAT IS SACRED. I didn’t realize how much I missed when I was editing without a monitor.
I pulled up some of my recent pictures and I was shocked how clear they are.
Best purchase all year.

The photo a day almost came to a screeching halt this morning when I realized with all the editing yesterday I didn’t take a picture. I grabbed my phone hoping that I took something! Anything! Then I remembered I took a snapshot of the boys on my monitor and sent it to my bride. Saved. I promise to use the picture a day for what it is, a tool to get better and just use this picture as my mulligan.
I’m going to put them up on a Tumblr site soon.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love my studio. It’s the trees outside the window that let sparkles of light to shimmy across the desk. My favorite is the morning before I have to turn on the fan and I can hear the kids across the street playing, the wind (or maybe it’s the cars on the street) through the trees and the sound of my grandma’s old clock ticking away.

Today is a day we are to remember. It’s 9/11. We are bombarded with images of what happened all those years ago and for the last few years, I haven’t watched TV on this day. In fact it’s been a really long time since I have. My (at one time) step son expressed his sadness having his birthday butt up to this day and how it’s hard to celebrate when everyone is so sad. I decided that we would forget for a year and we would focus on making his birthday the best. I got him a dog one year. I tried to convince Jessica Alba to jump out of a cake for him and the final birthday spent with him he was turning 18 and I was suffering with my version of WTF where no doctors could figure out what was wrong with me and I was waking up in a rash on 9/11. Since then 9/11 is a gauge as to what I have going on in my life and I can look back and say, “Well at least I didn’t land myself in jail for throwing a glass at my boyfriend.” So I have that going for me.

This sucks.

I was watching Finding Forrester again (love that movie) and he has so many amazing lines in that movie, but the one I love the most is, “Why is it that the words we write for ourselves are so much better than the words we write for others?”
I need to print that out and put it somewhere so I can remember it when I am writing these REALLY LAME POSTS.

Tomorrow. I will do better tomorrow.