Random and Odd

Wedding Rings and Baby Toes.

I had a photo shoot with a couple I will be shooting for their wedding. We decided to incorporate their engagement pictures with the a family shoot and go over the details of the wedding all in a couple of hours.
I’m so lucky to do what I do. I get to meet some of the neatest people and this couple was so much fun. The kids are going to be models. They MUST become models!

Before my photo shoot I did a 5k race downtown. I knew a half mile into it that I had made a Arrested Development sized HUGE MISTAKE. My feet have been killing me for a solid month, but since I have taken on a new client for Couch to 5k, I HAD to lace up and head out.
As we started week one and would start running I would nearly cry in pain, but I wasn’t going to say anything or let her see how bad I was hurting. I’m not giving her an out.
The 5k was the final straw. I had to walk the majority of the race and the only part that didn’t hurt my feet was the very limited uphill sections. My mind kept flashing back to those stupid New Balance Minimus shoes that screwed up my feet and I wish I could just go back in time and make the choice to never leave my Vibrams.

Out of running commission just means I need to get out and get more pictures. I have stuck with my photo a day challenge. There have been a couple of days I just ‘phoned it in’, but with my new phone I’m not complaining because DAMN that thing takes amazing quality pictures.
I was going through some photostream photos on Flickr and I found a local photographer who takes pictures on rail road tracks. It’s not that uncommon, but the woman in this picture was nude.
After I went through the set I sent my daughter a text that said, “I’m a snob. I was looking at these pictures and it wasn’t that his iso was way off…because it was. It wasn’t that his composition was sloppy…because it was. It wasn’t that his pictures had zero depth and were very flat…and they were. I was more pissed that he picked such ugly rail road tracks!”
There is a photographer in my group and his pictures are so amazing it makes my teeth hurt. I’m sure he looks at my pictures the same and just shakes his head at me, but at least I don’t have ugly rail road tracks! yes. I’m a snob sometimes. I can admit it.

Speaking of my amazing group of photographers. I am planning a day trip out with them to get to know them and learn some new ways of shooting. I have always been the teacher and now I get to learn new things from people WAY more talented than I am AND FOR FREE. Did I mention for free?

Today and the rest of this week is sitting in front of a computer and post processing these pictures.
Back to work.