Random and Odd

You Catching This?

, by Random and Odd
,, a photo by Random and Odd on Flickr.

He happily agreed to let me take pictures today because I said I needed it for homework I was doing for my photography class.
As I switched lens he asked me why and I explained to him depth of field and f/stops. He didn’t really care much as he was too busy snapping a branch in half.

About six months ago I tried taking his picture and he was a grump about it, hiding behind something and being coy. Today was a complete change and I was afraid to make any sudden movements or he would switch off his smile and run off.
He spotted a spider and asked if I would get a picture of it for him. I’m not sure what he will do with it, but for now it’s tucked in my computer files.
I had an idea for a shot of him peeking through the chain link fence that is covered in vines and spider webs, but he had another idea all together. He grabbed the fence and started pretending like he was locked in and was fake yelling to let him out. He stopped mid scream and said, “You getting this?” I looked down at my camera and was disappointed that the pictures didn’t portray what he was doing.
“Yeah, buddy. Kind of.” I snapped off a few more and he asked to look at the pictures. I showed him and he said, “I wish there was a way you could hear sound in this one picture, then you would get it.”

I knew I wanted to capture what he was expressing. I didn’t nail it with the post processing on this one, but I learned something about photography that wasn’t technical or something a professional teacher could teach me. He taught me to listen to the person and try to see their vision, because sometimes it’s going to be way better than what you were going to do. That’s why I picked this picture for today’s picture. It’s not the best one of the day, but it’s the one that taught me something and reminded me why I am doing this.