Random and Odd


I joined an online photography group. Knowing myself I figured I would add them, find some cool, secret location shots and then put them on ‘hide from newsfeed’ and forget I was even on the group in the first place.
What I didn’t expect was to become friends with these people and for them to teach me so much. I know photography, but these guys have so much knowledge about things I didn’t even think was important…or that it was even an aspect to photography.
Now I am excited when I see a new post and I get involved in the conversation and instead of being worried about feeling stupid, I just jump in and ask questions.
This has now added to the addiction of my art. Someone posts a question, I go and research it and find, “Oh hey, yeah…I need one of these!” 3 out of 10 times I am figuring out in my head how much I can afford to spend and then finding a way to pull it off and then saying, “I can’t afford it, but I am going to buy it anyway!” I figure it this way; I am not spending money on smokes anymore and I would say that is about 35 bucks a week I am saving. I haven’t bought smokes in 2 months and I have only bought 3 things totaling out to 80 bucks. If I do the math right (and I did because I had to use a calculator) it looks like I should have 200 bucks left in my ‘SPLURGE BECAUSE YOU DON’T SMOKE!” fund. Sadly I do not have 200 bucks sitting around. How is it that I don’t? TEENAGE DAUGHTERS THAT DRIVE and Dutch Brothers is why I don’t have money. It’s also the reason that Alyx doesn’t have money and the reason she will be getting a job at the Dutch Brothers in Rocklin soon!

Last night my wireless shutter showed up. My extra batteries came last week. My secondary grip and LED light source was the week before that.
I’d like to say that I don’t think there is anymore that I could add to my arsenal of photography crap, but I don’t want to jinx myself. Today a guy posted a 3 point axis to the page and I was so grateful that I don’t shoot video or I am sure I would have been searching Amazon.
I love that we all have our different things we are into, it makes for interesting reading and entertainment. I love all the guys that like to do the Milky Way shots out at the lake and they seem like a group I would fit in with, except for the fact that I would die of boredom out there because that’s not my thing.

So this is the first picture with the wireless remote. I let Dan borrow my tripod so I had to use that cheap one you use on your P&S cameras and it didn’t hold up the 12 lb Nikon. It didn’t work. I wouldn’t advise trying it…especially if you have a 400.00 lens on your camera at the time.