Random and Odd

Pappy and his new bestest friend

On the 10th of February Lester became a Pappy!  I have very much enjoyed watching Lester’s excitement level through this whole process.   He couldn’t sleep when he got the call that his daughter in law was heading to the hospital.

Yesterday he came home and for the first time and was wide awake while his Pappy held him and talked to him.  It was a pretty special moment and I was blessed to be able to capture the moment.

Valentine’s day is tomorrow and I made it really easy on Lester this year.  I told him what I wanted.
Last summer I decided to take up metal stamping. I have a few sets of lettering, but it was difficult to find the metal needed for the projects I wanted to make.  At the local art store they have plates of thin metal, but the cost was crazy for just a few small sheets of it.  I went to Home Depot and I found a sheet that was less expensive, but I couldn’t get the metal shaped the way I wanted it.  While meandering through the art store last week I found they had a disc cut out machine.
“This is what I want!”  and he got it for me for Valentine’s day.
Some women get jewelry for VD, I get stuff so I can make my own. SCORE.

Now I just need to find something for him. What do you get a guy who already has the coolest thing ever, a newborn grandson!


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